To eliminate the unpleasant smell in the room, locate its source. Perhaps on the Desk of moldy jam or some balance of the food rolled under the fridge (a sofa). Eliminate the source of unpleasant smell. Then do a wet cleaning, and ventilate the room.
Watch out for the trash in the room. Often fish and vegetable waste can ruin the smell in the apartment. If any you have in the garbage, dispose of them immediately, not waiting until the bucket filled.
Also unpleasant smell may occur if the garbage bag gets wet. In combination with a variety of waste you will get unbearable sharp flavor. When the first symptoms an unpleasant smelland the garbage, remove it and ventilate the room.
If an unpleasant smell was the result of burnt food or when cooking ran away the milk as quickly as possible wash the plate and utensils, so the smell did not have time to bounce around the room. For this you will need vinegar and salt. Mix these components to the formation of the consistency of porridge. the mixture treat the dirty dishes and the stove, removing contaminants. After that, rinse everything with warm water.
To eliminate the smell of Gary can be old-fashioned method. To do this in a small container, mix vinegar (1 tablespoon), lemon juice (1 tablespoon) and water (2 cups). This mixture warm over low heat. Walk with her around the room. The vinegar will absorb the acrid smell, and lemon juice will freshen your apartment. Then ventilate the room for 15-20 minutes, opening all the Windows.
In the room was always nice and fresh air, regularly ventilate all the rooms, even in winter. On the Mat, lying near the front door, drip 2-3 drops of essential oil of Mandarin or orange. Around the room hang a small sachet, filled with vanilla, cloves, lavender or cinnamon. Do not neglect the potted plants. They are perfectly purify the air.