You will need
  • - water, soap, straw, glass;
  • - the snow, the freezer.
Fill glass with water by one third. Grate soap on a fine grater, pour soap powder into a glass, stir. It does not allow formation of a rich foam on the surface of the water.
Take a straw and blow bubbles: drop it to the bottom of the glass, tilt the glass, push a straw to the wall and twist, then smooth motion pull it out of the glass. Better if at the end there will be some foam. Hold the straw horizontally at the mouth and blow evenly and strongly, with no abrupt changes. Gently twist the straw while blowing, be careful not to accumulate excess soap or liquid.
Pay attention to how durable the resulting bubbles. If they hold less than five seconds, add more soap powder. The walls of the bubbles should be durable.
Blow bubbles with a diameter of about four to six inches. To move the bubble from the end of the straw in its outer wall, gently rock it, roll. Then, rotating the straw to the underside of the bladder are damp and foam, then lower it together with the bubble in the snow (it should be fluffy). If you use the freezer first to make the bubbles soft pillow of frost, freezing on the wall, then use it to freeze.
Catch the moment, when you can remove the straw from the bubble, not breaking it. If you do it right, it is too thin and not frozen upper part of the bubble will burst, and if late, it will burst from what is already frozen straw and grappled with him. Remove the straw in a smooth and swift movement in a second after he put the bubble on the snow.
Try to freeze the bubbles in flight, provided sufficient cold weather. It does not have to rotate the tube and to thicken the bottom of the bubbles, blow them a uniform and a last sharp exhalation separate from the tube.