You will need
  • thread for knitting (x/W, 282 m, 50 g);
  • - hook 1 mm;
  • - thin nylon cloth, ribbon.
Tie the napkin in Irish lace technique, it will help you to master the difficult method on a simple example. In this knitting uses some traditional motifs (rose, grapes, grape leaf, etc.). Associate multiple items, place on a thin nylon and sew, the cloth decorated with braid.
Associate the volume rose: dial five loops and close into a ring. Irish lace of a so-called Bourdon - thick thread or multiple strands that take place in knitting and form the basis for binding to the column without nakida. It adds spaciousness to the detail of the center of the flower or the outline of the motif. In this case, the Burdon is not advisable to use because the rose itself is voluminous, and its center does not need to thicken.
Tie five loops of the splice ring (to lift). Tie ring five columns with nakida, after each column, knit two air loops. Tail number of the connecting loop that fits into the third air loop of the first chain. Got the ring with six small arches for the petals.
Tie each petal: one column without nakida, three columns with nakida, single column without nakida. Finish the series connecting loop in the first column with nakida first petal. Then link the basis for the second row of petals: three air loop, a column without nakida in the space between two columns without nakida previous row (the join of the petals).
Tie the petals in the second row, tying each arch of the three loops in one column without nakida, five columns with nakida, and one column without nakida. Please note that your second row will be positioned over the first (the third over the second, etc.). Thus, bulk rose you will get, turning the knitting.
Continue with rows of petals, adding each time one air loop to the chain-based petal and two columns with nakida in the piping of a petal.