You will need
  • - acrylic powder;
  • monomer (liquid);
  • - tips/shape;
  • brush for nail acrylic.
How to use acrylic strongпудру/strong" class="colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink" rel="gallery-step-images"> Select the color of acrylic powder. Usually for nail use transparent powder. But for sculpting decorative elements you can use a variety of shades. Currently colors polymer powder is presented very much: clear, pale pink, pink, hot pink, white with different shades (bright white, cream, pearl), lilac, blue, grey, matte, glitter, neon, etc. even the mixing of different tones can vary the range to infinity.
Independently to build on fingernails with acrylic powder, previously prepared for this your hands. First, remove cuticle, nail sharpen and clean. Then apply the gel primer, and after that attach the nail tips or forms, and which will increase the acrylic.
To get ready the acrylic mass, dip the special brush in the fluid (liquid), and then into the acrylic powder. Liquid (monomer) does not change the color of acrylic powder, which is very convenient when working. After this quick and clever movements of the resulting acrylic bead spread on the nail and tipsi/form a thin layer. The difficulty lies in the fact that the acrylic hardens very quickly. And if the polymer is laid down unevenly, all the work will have to redo from the beginning.
After finishing work on the nail, allow the acrylic to completely set and gently remove the form/tips. The resulting treat nail, Polish, give it a complete form and make the final design of the nails. Besides, I can use the acrylic powder together with the monomer for sculpting patterns (flowers, butterflies).