Advice 1: How to use acrylic powder

Acrylic powder is a fine polymer powder that, when coupling with a monomer acquires the ability to quickly harden and become extraordinarily strong. Because of this property, the acrylic was originally used in dentistry. And then it began to be used as a material for nail extension.
How to use acrylic powder
You will need
  • - acrylic powder;
  • monomer (liquid);
  • - tips/shape;
  • brush for nail acrylic.
How to use acrylic strongпудру/strong" class="colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink" rel="gallery-step-images"> Select the color of acrylic powder. Usually for nail use transparent powder. But for sculpting decorative elements you can use a variety of shades. Currently colors polymer powder is presented very much: clear, pale pink, pink, hot pink, white with different shades (bright white, cream, pearl), lilac, blue, grey, matte, glitter, neon, etc. even the mixing of different tones can vary the range to infinity.
Independently to build on fingernails with acrylic powder, previously prepared for this your hands. First, remove cuticle, nail sharpen and clean. Then apply the gel primer, and after that attach the nail tips or forms, and which will increase the acrylic.
To get ready the acrylic mass, dip the special brush in the fluid (liquid), and then into the acrylic powder. Liquid (monomer) does not change the color of acrylic powder, which is very convenient when working. After this quick and clever movements of the resulting acrylic bead spread on the nail and tipsi/form a thin layer. The difficulty lies in the fact that the acrylic hardens very quickly. And if the polymer is laid down unevenly, all the work will have to redo from the beginning.
After finishing work on the nail, allow the acrylic to completely set and gently remove the form/tips. The resulting treat nail, Polish, give it a complete form and make the final design of the nails. Besides, I can use the acrylic powder together with the monomer for sculpting patterns (flowers, butterflies).
Acrylic powder is not as easy to use as it might seem at first glance, for example, after watching a video on the nail. This kind of material requires a certain skill and accuracy.

In addition, people who are sensitive to smells, it is unlikely to work with this polymer because of its steady bad "flavor".

Advice 2: How to repair acrylic bathtub

What if the acrylic surface of your bath got corrupted? Change it to expensive new or try to restore the old? Modern technologies allow to save and eliminate defects of any severity.
How to repair acrylic bathtub
You will need
  • - sandpaper
  • Polish for surface treatment baths
  • - airbrush
  • - putty
  • - acrylic insert
In order to begin the restoration of the bath, using a particular method, consult professionals and consult. But if you want to try to recover your "favorite" on your own, proceed as follows. If it's arson or scratches, clean all existing defects with the help of sandpaper (lower grit from 80 to 2000). Don't worry, sanding will not change the color of the bath, because acrylic is a homogenous material.
Then proceed with the processing of special surface Polish. In that case, if the burn is deep, first fill it with liquid acrylic, and then start polishing. All the necessary materials, pre-purchase in a store building materials, to the process, you don't have to constantly be distracted by it.
If the defect is expressed in the form of cracks, hone it with a drill, fill and allow to dry. Then smoothen with sandpaper (with decreasing granularity). And only then, take the airbrush and paint mascara on evenly "healed wound".
So it was less noticeable, choose "color" in the color of the bath, since the bath is a white individual. When the job is done, leave the paint to harden for two days and then treated with special Polish.
If the bath of the affected chips and holes, that is, deeper defects, use to repair the coarse filler, which allows to apply a more uniform layer and will not flake off. And after you Salpetriere damage, sand them with sandpaper and then make the filling more fine-grained sandpaper. Next, go to paint, choosing color, and must be treated with special Polish.
For the restoration of the baths you can use acrylic liner, which is applied above the surface of the old tub. This recovery method requires much less time compared to the previous. Contact the specialists who install liners and in 3-4 hours, your tub will be like new!

Advice 3: How to use powder for hair

Powder for hair appeared on the shelves recently and sparked the interest of many buyers. With this powder you can give your hair a natural volume, to make them visually thicker, add hair dynamics and even change the hue of the tresses.
How to use powder for hair

The benefits of using and features of hair powder

Sculpting powder allows you to avoid the tedious combing up hair" hair at the roots while creating lush styling, it effectively removes greasy Shine and makes curls more manageable. Modern manufacturers also offer toning powder, which in addition to adding volume in just minutes changes the color of hair. In addition to toning powder, coloring hair a darker tone, there is modeling decolouring powder-powder, which is suitable for blondes who wish to make the curls more vivid and expressive.

Sculpting powder good on medium length hair, however, those with shorter hair styles can use it to create a spectacular new look. This styling product is perfect for owners of thin hair, because it makes the curls visually bigger.

Usually powder for hair does not smell, unlike a lot of fixing varnish, does not make heavier and does not stick hair, which remain light and looks natural.

The basic rules of using sculpting powder

Powder for the hair should be applied at the final stage of styling, when the hair is well combed, curled, and only need to fix my hair by adding volume. Experts advise to apply the powder to the roots, evenly distributing your fingers across the surface of the head, then the hair can be a little lift with gentle massaging movements. This will make the curls more natural and to give them the effect of light negligence.

The powder is best applied, emptying from the vial directly on the hair, but some masters are recommended to first pour the sculpting powder in your palm and then distribute it throughout the hair, focusing on roots, and applying a little powder to the hair ends. The applying means from the bottle to the roots allows you to make the hairstyle more voluminous, however, this method of application care should be taken, covering the shoulders with a cloth, so as not to ruin the clothes, especially if the powder has a toning effect.

Apply a sculpting powder only on dry hair. The next day after application you should wash your hair.
You should not use sculpting powder too often, because it has the ability to dry hair. Optimal frequency of use – 1-2 times a week.

Advice 4: How to use sliders for nail design

The sliders represent the stickers are water-based, which are used in nail art as a fast design that does not require hand-painted or decorative items.
slider design nail
You will need
  • - nail Polish;
  • - the basis for manicure;
  • fixer or transparent Polish;
  • - sliders;
  • - buff for polishing;
  • - nail file.
Give nails a shape, Polish the surface to avoid roughness or unevenness. This is to make sure that the label lies flat, never stood out, not stick out. Very zealous too, not worth it, not to saw through the nail plate, contributing to their condition. Only a couple of movements of the BAF on the growth lines (from the cuticle to the free edge).
Apply Foundation to the nails in a thin layer. It is desirable to use special means, not the clearcoat, which does not possess the properties of self-levelling on the surface. The Foundation must be completely dry. To do the second layer is not necessary.
Coat nail Polish in desired color. It is noteworthy that for dense sliders fits any color scheme for a full-size (the entire nail) is generally not required base color for the design with a transparent base, it is desirable to use only light shades. Nail Polish must be completely dry, so the decor is not crushed him. If you want a thick and rich shade, the tool is applied in two layers, but no more.
Moisten the paper part of the slider with warm water, after a few seconds, gently peel off pattern. Place it on the selected part of the nail, press lightly with a cotton swab.
Cover the design with clear varnish or top coat, that manicure lasts as long as possible. Optionally, you can complement the decor of other items. A sliders go well with small crystals, spot painting, minor polonkai for nail art.
Useful advice
Sliders to the entire surface of the nail is pre-trimmed with scissors to fit the nail, under each individually. You want to make a small indent near the cuticle and side bolsters, so that the binder could cover not only the design, but tightly to make it stronger on the surface of the nail.
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