You will need
    • 1 kg of cabbage;
    • 40 g carrots;
    • 50 g of sugar;
    • 25 g of salt.
Wear rubber gloves because when working with vegetables, the skin darkens. Thoroughly clean the cabbage from bright green, damaged and dirty leaves. The stalk cut off, remove. Wash the cabbage under running water. All products for fermenting cabbage should be clean. Spoiled or green cabbage leaf can make the final product bitter to the taste.
Take a sharp knife and slice the cabbage into strips (you can also use a special device for shredding cabbage). Place the sliced cabbage in a large capacity, for example, the pelvis.
Wash well and peel the carrots. Again wash. Slice the carrots into strips or wipe on a grater, better large. Put chopped carrots in a bowl with cabbage.
Add the sugar (this will speed up the fermentation process). Sprinkle with salt and stir, squeezing a little until you stand out juice. Mix the cabbage with your hands, because only in this way can achieve the desired result.
Place the prepared cabbage in an enamel pan. Thoroughly tamp and cover podgajny around. On top put oppression (for this purpose, suitable big jar of water). Leave for fermentation at room temperature for five days.
Twice a day pierce the cabbage (in several places) to the bottom of a smooth wooden stick. This is to ensure that would be the gas released during fermentation.
Cabbage is ready when there will be no foam and the brine will be transparent. The color of the cabbage should be amber.
Put the finished cabbage in jars and let stand in a cool place.