You will need
  • - the program CPUID CPU-Z;
  • program AIDA64 Extreme Edition.
The easiest way is to look at the frequency of the memory on the package to her, of course, if any. The problem is that this package is issued when you purchase expensive models. Alternatively, you can watch in the warranty card, if it has a description of all the individual components of your computer.
But the best way to view the frequency of memory to use a special program. Only with their help it is possible to determine the actual frequencyat which your system memory. One of the most simple programs called CPUID CPU-Z. But, nevertheless, its functionality is enough to know the frequency of the operational memory. Download the utility and install it on your computer.
Run CPUID CPU-Z and click on Memory. In the opened window locate the section Timing. In this section you will find the option DRAM Frequency. Its value is the frequency of the operational memory.
In addition, you can learn detailed information about each module in memory. To do this, go to the tab SPD. In the upper left corner is the arrow. Click on this arrow and a list will appear of the slot of the connection memory. Choosing a specific slot, you can read the information installed on the module. If the screen is blank, it means that in the selected slot, the module memory is not installed.
Another program that will help to know the frequency of memory, called AIDA64 Extreme Edition. Install this application to your computer. Run the program.
In the right window, select the component "mainboard". In the next window that appears, select SPD. Then find the section "Properties of memory". In it find the line "Speed memory". Accordingly, it is the frequency at which your RAM. Also in this window you can see other options for memory.