You will need
  • - thread crochet;
  • - needles or hook;
  • - a book on knitting;
  • - knitting magazines;
  • - video course on knitting.
To master a course of knitting on the needles ask a seamstress friend, grandma or mom to show you the basics of this technique. Start with a set of hinges. Then learn front and back loops.
A simple product, such as scarf, practice principal-knit: garter, front and back surface. Do not hesitate to ask experienced quilters tips, ask questions.
If none of your friends do not know the art of knitting with needles, or you don't want to bother the man, master course of knitting by the book or through specialized journal issues for the needle. Carefully follow the guidelines in the publications descriptions, repeat the movements shown on the drawings.
Having mastered basic loops, learn to read simple circuit patterns. Start with relief patterns, based on the alternating front and back loops. Gradually master the technique of openwork patterns.
Log on knitting a simple model of clothing and following the detailed instructions tying her up. Pay special attention to vyvazhivanii armholes and necks. To do this, learn to add and subtract loop.
Buy video tutorials on knitting or view videos on the Internet. Clear instructions with detailed explanation will help you to deal with the complex types of loops or patterns.
Special exercises will help you master the course knitting for beginners in a short time. Sign up for lessons, together with other knitters to learn the technique of knitting not just knitting, but also crochet. In the team it will be easier to overcome obstacles and find answers to questions you could not solve on their own.
On courseOh master knitting techniques vyvazhivanija fabric and Assembly of products. Learn to knit simple items: hats, socks, mittens. By the end of training you will be able to link pullover, cardigan or skirt.
Despite the fact that the courseyou knitting are not cheap, do not spare money and time. Subsequently, knowing the basics techniques of knitting, you will be able to improve their skills in the classroom a higher level. But in order to master the full course of knitting, you will need to develop all life, because technology, as well as knitted fashion, is not standing still and there are always new types of loops and intricate patterns.