One of the most frequent manifestations after sessions of chemotherapy – nausea. If it is typical after ingestion by some means, then the doctor should prescribe certain drugs to combat it before the start of a treatment cycle.
Mild nausea can you shoot, smelling the aroma of ginger, or eating tools used for seasickness.
If your nausea is the result of nervous breakdowns, it is possible to eliminate the usual soothing herbal remedies. Limit consumption of fatty and fried foods, and foods that increase acidity (lemons, oranges, tomatoes, etc.).
Severe nausea may require the use of drugs or correction of the treatment, so it is better to consult a doctor.
Try to eat small portions to avoid the feeling of fullness. Eat slowly and thoroughly chewing the food. Do not eat hot and do not drink during a meal the liquid. Water, including mineral non-carbonated and unsweetened juices, drink one hour before meals.
After a meal try to rest sitting. Watch TV, listen to music. During an attack of nausea breathe slowly and deeply.
* Avoid strong or unpleasant smells.
If after a session of chemotherapy you have any painful cramps or diarrhea and do not go more than a day, contact your doctor who can prescribe the necessary drugs. Sometimes you can alleviate the condition, changing your diet. Limit the intake rough, oily and spicy food. Try not to drink tea and coffee. But when loss of fluid you need to drink plenty of liquids, so consume the juice without sugar and non-carbonated mineral water.
Often the treatment of tumors is accompanied by hair loss, so it is important to provide them with gentle care. Choose a shampoo for dry, damaged and weak hair and when you wash your hair, dry it only a moderate warmth. Raschesyvaemost soft brush and do not use styling curlers or tongs. To hair was easier to care for, make the short cut.
To maintain forces at the onset of signs of anemia, try to rest more, don't get up abruptly from the bed, limit your daily activity and don't hesitate to ask for help on the farm from their family and friends.
The decrease in the number of leukocytes under the influence of chemotherapy increases the risk of penetration into the body of infections. To avoid infection, strictly observe hygiene, avoid contact with people with obvious signs of infectious diseases, protect yourself from injuries, irritations and cuts. You should also reduce the risk of bleeding.