You will need
  • - screwdriver.
All known law of physics, the air that is released from the liquid medium, seeks only the top. On this basis, it becomes clear that the engine cooling system it will accumulate it at the top, thereby creating a tube. And directly before the procedure to remove it you will need to define these places in order that the circulation process in the water jacket was recovered.
if the air accumulated in the intake manifold and the radiator of the heater, so the water pump couldn't push through the antifreeze tube, and the pump should help. In order to restore the circulation of the liquid in the water jacket, remove the cap from expansion tank and open the valve of the heater compartment.
Then immediately start the engine, and then exactly one minute stop. With a screwdriver try to pipe, heater radiator, loosen the clamp, then sliding the nozzle of the hand, let the air out of the oven. Then again put it on the same place and clamp.
Pay attention to the rubber hose below the carb and is attached to the fitting of the intake manifold. Its clamp with a screwdriver you will need to relax. Sliding the hose, release the accumulated air, and you will see that there is already liquid, restore its connection. If your car is equipped with a fuel-injected engine, in order to expel the air tube from the cooling system, you will need to produce the disconnection of the branch pipe from throttle knot and then releasing the collected air.
Make the topping up of the antifreeze in the expansion tank and then close the cover and start the engine. Hit a couple of times on the accelerator pedal, thus increasing the rpm, and then let the car work for about fifteen minutes at idle. Wait until the engine reaches operating temperature and see does the circulation in the cooling system. Can turn on the heater fan, and if the air is hot, it means that you coped with the task.