You will need
  • Statement of profit and loss statements; inventory reports of settlements with counterparties, on inventory balances in the warehouse, inventory of fixed assets;-turnover balance.
Your accountant is simply obliged to maintain accounting records. You check whether data is true. If there will arise any discrepancies, it is evidence of the presence of those or other problems in your accounts or in the company.
Quarterly, before signing the balance sheet and statement of profit and loss, carefully review these documents. You have to understand the value of the amounts that are reflected there. If something becomes unclear to you, always to the aid can come online. Also be persistent in their questions to the accountant. Let your financier gives explanations for each strange figure reflected in the report.
Ask your accountant to provide you with the information for the inventory of settlements with counterparties, on inventory balances in the warehouse, inventory of fixed assets. It's better if these documents will provide you at the time when the accounting Department is going to charge zoologii and prepares official statements.
Compare these reports with the real situation. Fix together with the accountant found errors and then let us permit the calculation of taxes and balance.
Check these reports every quarter. It will not show the full picture of your accounting, but will help to prevent unwanted consequences in quite simple things.
Ask your accountant to do for you trial balance. This statement must contain details on the sub-accounts and subconto. Let the accountant explain in detail the meaning of each line. To check the document you have more details to delve into the books. But for the preservation and prosperity of your business is not the biggest victim and a waste of time.
If you review all of the reports you find errors that were not resolved by the accountant on time, find out the reason for such missteps. If the accountant is not doing its job, it must be replaced.