Before you start to take the liquid amino acids, be sure to check with your trainer or with experts on sports nutrition. Listen to their recommendations and choose the best complex. Use of such drugs is a purely personal matter.
Contact the Pro shop and select a set of amino acids. You will find out what is the shelf life indicated on the label. Even stock these drugs don't last very long. And you'll have to use them for some time after you open the jar, the shelf life should be maximized.
Let's see what is the level of acidity of the solution. Too acidic (<5 pH) or too alkaline (more than pH 9) can cause stomach irritation. So better pick up a package of drugs to the composition of the components was consistent with a neutral level of acidity.
Take amino acids according to the recommendations you received from specialists. They are usually recommended to be taken half an hour before training, 1-2 doses specified by the manufacturer. The same amount should be consumed 20-30 minutes after you have graduated from the classes.
If you have to compete and you want to improve your results, you can too, only after talking with experts, to take the liquid amino acids and outside of training (20-30 minutes before or after a meal).
If you need to prevent nocturnal catabolism of protein, consume 1 specified by the manufacturer, the dose 30 minutes before bedtime. Usually in this case, it is recommended medicines that are rich in arginine to optimize the choice of growth hormone.
Don't take a day more than 4-5 doses of liquid amino acids. Faster to build muscle it won't help you. But their effect will be especially noticeable if you will not limit yourself in the usual protein diet.