You will need
    • — cabbage — 10 kg;
    • — carrots — 300g;
    • — 500 g apples ( better varieties "Antonovka");
    • — 250 g of salt (small).
Cabbage cabbage clean from the green, dirty, and damaged leaves. Cut stumps. Slice the cabbage into strips. It will be more convenient and faster if you use a special shredder. Shinkovannuyu put the cabbage in a large bowl.
Well wash and clean the carrots. Grind (you can grate). Add it to the cabbage.
Put in prepared foods, salt, lightly squeezing it and mix it. Cabbage needs to let the juice.
Apples wash, cut into 4-6 pieces and remove the core.
In a clean deep bowl put the cabbage leaves first, and then layers of cabbage with carrots and apples. Everything is tight giving hand. On top again put the cabbage leaves and a clean cloth. Close all podgajny around. To the top put something heavy. If all this is done correctly, then after 24 hours the surface will be a pickle.
A true sign of a good fermentation - if at the beginning of fermentation you will see bubbles. Remove them as and when. Order odor gases has not reduced the quality of cabbage, once a day pierce the cabbage ground to the bottom smooth pointed stick in several places. Pierce as long as the holes will not stop the allocation of bad-smelling gas.
When cabbage settles, remove the cargo, circle, cloth, cabbage leaves and a layer of cabbage, acquired a brown tint. Podgajny circle wash, washcloth, rinse in water, then in salt solution. Press the napkin and cover her cabbage. Put up a circle and the load is smaller. The brine needs to be to the edge of the circle.
Two days later, if the pickle is on top will not increase the load. Efficiently fermented product is ready to eat, when to stop lactic acid fermentation. Cabbage should be bright, with amber-yellow tinge. To quasits it is not more than 15-20 days.