Contact the drugstore or pet store and buy a special tool "Antigryzin" (for cats). Treat them with wire and other vulnerable parts of household appliances. It is a good idea to protect it from the cat (especially unneutered) spray "Integrisanom" and the interior, which he can, if not "attempt" to raise a paw. This tool has a citrus smell. Aroma of lemons, much-hated catm, will scare away the animal.
Instead of "Antigrain" you can use natural lemon (use it once every two days). As repellent agents can act and aloe Vera juice. Cut plants leaf, make a longitudinal incision. Treat the wire acted as a juice. It is possible that catagain tried on tooth "updated" this way leads, you may commence drooling. To help the hapless pet, rinse his mouth with lukewarm water.
If you soon do not expect guests to treat the wire , etc. pepper or garlic. Smell, of course, will be unpleasant not only cat, but the human nose. But if you are a lover of hot and spicy dishes, then maybe even him and not feel it. However, do not overdo it with these spices, so the cat is not lost the scent once and for all.
Frighten the animal in the moment when you notice that it's confident gait goes to the wirem. but in any case not to splash him with water, otherwise short circuit is not exactly avoided. Better click him lightly on the nose band (but not too tight so as not to injure the muzzle). Or attach wirem closed plastic Cup with small nuts to the cat, fearing the unknown roar, then retreated. In this capacity, you can use old baby rattle if you have one.
If none of the deterring methods didn't work, move the stationary wires on the wall. Don't let the cat into the room where the computer is charging or mobile phone. Other leads try to hide so that the animal did not have access to them.