Listen to your feelings in the throat. You can feel the pain, lump in the region of the larynx. These symptoms persist for a long time, regardless of whether you take medication or not.
Pay attention to the duration of cough. It usually occurs for many reasons, among which the response of the organism to stimuli of the throat, for example, cancer cells. Therefore, if this symptom does not go a long time, consult your doctor for more thorough diagnostics. The specialist will take samples of mucus, appoint tests, surveys on the devices, will conduct a study for tumor markers (proteins that are produced by cells of malignant tumors).
Take tests in the morning on an empty stomach. Blood for tumor markers taken from the veins, at the same time can be tested on hormones. Well have an ultrasound, urine test.
Spit in the sink. The presence of blood in saliva in combination with chronic cough, in particular, testifies to the withering away of the tissues in the throat.
You can feel pain or other unpleasant sensations in the throat when swallowing. This can occur both during meals and outside of this process.
Can feel shortness of breath or hoarseness. These symptoms have long-term character and does not pass with time. Thus, it becomes difficult to talk, to laugh.
Check to see if there were any recent sudden weight loss. Because of unpleasant sensations in the throat, decreased appetite. Body weight may decline as a result of inflammatory process in the body. Losing weight without apparent cause should be incentive to appeal to the specialist.
Watch for changes in your body. We should not ignore even the cold, immediately contact your doctor who will conduct a complete inspection and will help to establish the correct diagnosis.