Specify the main reason why you lack discipline. Perhaps in childhood you greatly took care of, protecting from all difficulties, and develop the fighting qualities of the character just wasn't necessary. In any case, be sure to cultivate the necessary skills you on the shoulder.
Create a system of motivation. Why do you need to change yourself in principle, what does it mean? What happens if you continue to indulge their weaknesses? Clearly imagine how life will change when you'll be able to manage it. Schedule result to which to strive.
Stop constantly blame myself for the weakness, you only aggravate the situation. Develop a phased plan that will help you to become a disciplined person. Start with basic planning his time.
Write down all the things you need to do during the day, especially those on which you tend to goof off. For example, if you cook porridge in the morning is necessary, but scary is not desirable, make the item in the list, so you definitely will not forget about healthy Breakfast. Place the list of cases in a conspicuous place.
Try not to deviate from the schedule, be punctual. At first the difficulties seem insurmountable, don't trust that feeling, it'll pass. Over time you will get used to the order and will no longer experience stress.
Do some sport, it's great disciplinarum. You can start with morning exercises and then move on to more serious training. Constantly improving your results, you will learn how to overcome laziness and at the same time will gain a beautiful physical form.
Consider a reward system for every further assumed the obligation, for each little victory. Managed just a couple of days to prepare for a difficult exam? Rewarded myself with a trip to the movies or dinner at your favorite coffee shop. Often remind yourself that you can achieve, it is necessary only to want.