Select the appropriate bandana. The most interesting thing to look bright model. Denim shirts looks great red, khaki – dark green, lemon yellow and all shades of brown$ white hoodies and shirts perfectly complement the blue gamma. Beginners should practice on scarves made of cotton – they do not slip, and the nodes are fixed stronger.
Try the classic cowboy option. Fold the bandana diagonally and tie a double knot in the back, lowered the wide angle on the neck. If necessary, the freely hanging part of the handkerchief can be pulled over the face so the cowboys were protecting it from dust, which raised the running herd. More than anything, this looks bright or dark bandanas, decorated with a border — they are perfectly combined with leather and denim jackets.
City suit will complement a narrow scarf-ribbon. Lay the flattened bandana on a flat surface. Single angle bend, placing it slightly below the middle of the canvas. Wrap the opposite corner, completely blocking them first. Both sides roll two narrow strips, connecting them in the center. The tape fold in half. Wear it around your neck and tie under the chin a small double knot. The ends do not unroll, they must remain twisted. Leave them to hang freely or aim in different directions – it all depends on the density of the tissue handkerchief and the General idea of your suit.
If this method seems too time-consuming to do otherwise. Take a cotton handkerchief and fold it into a bundle on the diagonal. Tie it to the neck in the manner of a pioneer tie, placing one end of the bandana over the other, and straightened the knot. The parts Express free, not tucking them under clothes.
Another option is ideal to wear with knit pullovers, vests and cardigans. Fold the bandana diagonally and throw it on the neck, covering the lower part of the face. Cross the ends back and tie them with strong double knot. Lower the fabric from face to neck, spreading it in the form of a free clip. If the scarf is small, it will lay down more tightly, wrapping the throat, which also looks good.