Go to the site Vkontakte. To do this, start the Internet browser and type in the address bar of your browser You'll see the main page.
On this page, in the left side, locate the authorization block. If you are already registered on the site, you must enter your login details: email and password. Otherwise you will have to start to register and then log in to the website.
After you log in, you will be taken to its page. To the left is a list of links such as "My page", "My friends", "My pictures", etc. Select from this list the link "My groups", click on it.
You can see the list of communities to which you belong. In the upper right corner, click "Create community." In the opened window enter the name of your new group. The title should briefly but accurately reflect the meaning of the future group. Specify the type of community, for which from the list, select "Group". Click the "Create community".
Next, fill out some basic information about the group. Fill in the "Description of community", select from the list the topic of the community, enter the web site, if any. Adjust the settings to your liking. Make audio, video, documents, and other materials your group open or closed. Open access to the materials can add all members of the community, and when closed, only its leaders.
And finally, about the main thing. At the end of the list of basic settings community is a group type. By default, it is "Open". Click on it and select from the list the type "Closed" to enter the group was by invitation only or by submitting an application. After all the work done must be maintained. To do this, click "Save".