You will need
  • - old sweater;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - tape, knit bias binding;
  • - buttons.
If the item is well preserved, and you just tired of the model, try repurposing an old sweater into a cardigan. To do this, cut the sweater at the center front and gradually cut off the collar. Pick a knitted tape or a suitable contrasting color panel and hem, front slit, collar (a solid line). In addition, just finish the sleeves and sew a drawstring or buttons – you will receive an original fashionable cardigan from an old sweater.
If you like the model in the style of "Bolero", among other things, cut the lower part of the sweater so that it was barely covering her Breasts. Then smoothen the edges with ribbon, fringe or piping.
Inspect the hoses, if they are stretched and do not look important, cut them together with the armhole. Of the remaining double cloth stitch fitted skirt. To do this measure your hips, waist, divide in half and mark on the sweater. Trim the excess edges carefully and sew, fold the top edge and the pass band. Sure frayed edges as knitwear, particularly knit very easily dissolved and allow the "arrows".
Of the remaining sleeves to make fingerless gloves (socks) or sleeves. Just treat the cut edge, make a hole for your thumb (for Bracers) and put them on the hand or foot in cool weather, beautiful draping and combining with other garments.
To get a vest from a sweater, just cut it in the sleeves and the collar, and the front part is cut in half. Finish the edges and sew buttons – and you get a warm cozy vest.
The fabric obtained from the cut of the sweater, use for sewing any items – caps, scarves, mittens, etc. Sew a little cushion. From shrunken wool sweaters make cozy the bag, for handles use a sleeve or tape purchased.