You will need
  • - fabric for skirt;
  • - chalk or soap;
  • - scissors:
  • - the range;
  • - iron:
  • - fleece or other material for duplication.
  • supplies for sewing.
Before you begin to cut the skirt, decide where it will be vented and where it will autoimatic. Slit at the back, smooth down-left, front - right, side you can perform differently. Such a cut passes into the seam, so when it located front or back of your product will consist not of two but of three or four main parts. The side slot can be performed on a simple duhovnoi skirt.
To cut the slot as you can on paper or on fabric. If you first sew the skirt - choose the first option. In this case you need to duplicate the pattern the front or back half of a skirt. It is best to translate both the curves on the graph paper, or an unnecessary piece of Wallpaper as the details will be placed on the fabric. Determine where you will have the right and the left halves.
To make the slot in the back, from the bottom of the right rear halves at the seam put up the length of the incision. It can be anything. If the skirt is long, make the cut bigger. Mark the point. Guide to it perpendicular to the right and place it the width of the slots. It is usually 4-6 cm, but can be more. Same period set aside for the continuation of the lower line of the skirt from the point of intersection with the middle seam. Connect both points. Parallel to this line, do another, at a distance of 1.5-2 cm It will be stock. Continue this line of 2-3 cm on the upper edge of the slots. Connect the dots to get the area. On the left side of the back of the skirt slit you cut it without seam allowance. Transfer the pattern to the fabric.
Will have plenty of backup material 2 strips. On the left-hand parts duplicate the entire slot. For the right make a narrow strip equal to the width of the seam allowance. The rest of the slots do not touch. Treat all cuts with a serger or sewn buttonhole seam by hand. Narrow zautyuzhte allowance for the right half on the wrong side. Will attrocity it at a distance of 1-2 mm from the bend. Without this operation can be dispensed with, if the fabric is quite stiff and holds its shape well.
Fold the rear half, right sides together. Baste and sew middle seam from the waist or from the end of the clasp to the top of the line slots. Without interrupting the stitching, turn the product so as to flash the top of the slots at an angle, taking a narrow seam allowance on the right side. Angle approximately equal to that which cut off the seam allowance on the right side of the skirt.
Zautyuzhte the slot on the left half. Allowances of middle seam Ratatouille. If the skirt of thick fabric, can be made into the top of the splines with a small incision. The face of the pad fixing line parallel to the oblique seam of the top slots. This small shovchik passes from the edge of the slots to the middle of the seam. Front and side vents are made the same.