You will need
  • - gamepad.
To play together you'll need a controller. Unfortunately, to set the control for two players on the keyboard is impossible (because it is actively used by the mouse), so you will need an additional control device. Don't forget after you connect the joystick to restart the game and enter the menu "settings" to set the action keys.
During gameplay, open the pause menu and select "connect a second player". Since then, the management of one of the characters will be transferred to your companion (the default setting for the controller).
Actively change characters. Throughout the passage, the win-win options are Kenny and Ashley is the strongest fighters in the game and using both at once, you will get a very powerful strike force. However, your inventory extremely quickly empty. One of the players should take the Shannon (with her effective use of the kits) or Josh (determines lie whether next useful items). In addition, if you are "stuck" and don't know what to do next, use the special opportunity Shannon – she is a local analogue of the keys "F1" and gives advice on what to do next.
Always try to keep a distance between characters. The game likes to throw unexpected encounters (like the huge monster that broke the wall right in front of you). In such a situation, if both players are close, you risk to damage together. Among other things, increases the chance of being surrounded, instead of surround.
The division of responsibilities in the battle. Dynamics is built on the use of light sources – a broken window in practice is much more effective than any of the weapons. In view of this, the most hardy (or skilful) player has to "inspire" monsters for themselves, while the second is to move to the light bulbs and Windows to illuminate the room. If this is not possible, you should approach the monster from different sides, so that his strikes had not affected both players. Try not to waste bullets for no reason, as they are in the game - a rarity.