You will need
  • - application form 13001;
  • - report of meeting of founders (shareholders) of the company;
  • - the Charter;
  • - certificate of incorporation
  • - receipt about payment of state duties.
You need to hold the shareholders meeting and make a decision about changing the legal address. The meeting should be a Protocol in written form.
Fill in the application form 13001, tab on change addressand organization. The signature on the statement you need to notarize, this will require another certificate of incorporation issued not later than a month ago.
The tax office at the place of registration of the legal person provide a package of documents: meeting minutes, completed and notarized by a notary statement, the payment receipt of state duty, the Charter, INN, the lease on the premises (certificate of ownership), which will legally be the organization.
When applying the tax inspector will give you a notice with the date when you need to be advised of changes in EGRUL. Changing the legal addressand the corresponding entry in the registry lasts for 5 days. If you are not able at the appropriate time to receive the documents, they will be sent to the new legal address of your organization.
You will receive a certificate of registration of amendments to the constituent documents, as well as a new certificate of registration (TIN). The VAT number will not change, changes only CPR, which indicates belonging to a certain tax.
If in connection with the change of addressand your new address falls under the supervision of another Tax inspection, you must deregister the organization in the old office and put on record in a new. In this regard, will also be necessary notices of extra-budgetary funds (Pension and HIF) on the change of legal address. If the city has several territorial offices of the funds, you first will need to remove your organization from the register at the previous addressand then to put on the account in off-budget funds on a new address.