The first thing to pay attention to the composition of creams against stretch marks. Essential components of the vehicle have to be elastin and collagen. They help to increase elasticity of the skin. In addition, high-quality cream is in its composition contain amino acids to repair damaged tissues and cells, as well as vitamins E and C.
Among cosmetic brands, producing among other things, the creams against stretch marks, it is possible to allocate Lierac, Galenic, Vichy, Bioterm. In the composition of their creams or gels include vegetable oils (soy and Shea butter, Thistle oil), plant extracts (Centella asiatica, ivy), active glycoproteins and sea minerals.
Whatever cream you нb preference, it will be designed for long-term use. To achieve visible results regularity is the main condition. Usually the cream is applied after bathing once or twice a day to problem areas and massage lightly rubbing movements. The skin needs daily for the duration of your course to obtain the dose of the substances contained in the gel or the cream against stretch marks.
Especially carefully it is necessary to choose a cream stretch marks during pregnancy because during this period the use of any cream undesirable. For pregnant women there are special remedies against stretch marksthat are hypoallergenic and intensively nourish the skin.
Choose a cream which includes Shea butter and jojoba oil, amino acids and vitamins. Well, if the cream against stretch marks for pregnant women will be less fragrances. Intrusive or smell can trigger a headache or nausea during pregnancy.
The cream against stretch marks, be sure to check yourself for sensitivity to its components. Perfect if before you buy you will have the opportunity to use the probe. If not, apply a little bought of cream on the inner side of the elbow, and after 15-30 minutes rinse with water. If burning or redness there, then you can use a purchased cream.