Examine the list of criteria that allow the tax inspectors to selected companies to conduct field verification. Currently there are 12 rules that increase the risk of the audit. You can find them on the Internet or contact the tax office.
Contact the tax office or Rosstat and find out the average indicators of economic activity. Compare them with the performance of your enterprise if at least one item has a low level, then soon you can assign a field test. Rebuild their activities to avoid low performance.
Avoid reflection losses when filing tax returns. If this happened, then try to apply expenses to other accounting periods. If the loss ratio is not characteristic of your enterprise, enough to write an explanatory note to justify the reason for such a result. If nalogovyye accept your explanation, you can not be afraid for the site inspection.
Not reflect in the accounting and tax reporting large amounts of tax deductions. Generally claims on tax is negative, so it is necessary to prepare all documentary evidence and to write an explanation, which reveals in detail the procedure of calculation of taxes. You can also spread the deductions over several periods.
Find out the value of indicators, which are necessary for transition to other tax regimes. If the results of financial activity, indicators of enterprises close to them, then change the tax system or take the steps that will allow you to adjust the settings. Otherwise the tax office will assign the company field audit, the results of which will decide on compulsory transfer.