Select the appropriate for your skin remedy. Serum can solve a variety of problems – they make the skin more elastic, improves color of the face, relieve swelling, reduce pigmentation spots and smooth wrinkles. Universal means do not exist – the more narrow the range of problems is designed to solve serum, there's a better chance that it will work.
If you need to freshen up the face and get rid of wrinkles, spend two courses — one after the other. It is not necessary to apply two tools at the same time or alternate them. To the serum began to act, require daily application for three weeks. You can then take a break and try a new tool.
Examine the recommendations of the manufacturer of the product. Some remedies can be applied all over the face, others should not be used on the delicate skin around the eyes. There is a special serum for the eyelids, which can be used simultaneously with the means for persons.
Before application thoroughly clean the face cleansing milk and gentle toner. Dispense a drop of serum on your fingers and quickly spread across her face. For one procedure lasts two to three drops. Do not try to apply product in thick layers. Serum is not a cream, it is applied and acts differently.
Do a little massage of the face, gently patting the skin with fingertips. Especially don't mess with the centuries. But the contour of the face can be treated more actively. Pat chin and cheeks with the back of the palms.
Whey is absorbed very quickly. It can be left as the only skin care products or applied on top of moisturizer. Gently spread the usual portion of the cream with fingertips and gentle Pat then massage it into the skin. After 15 minutes the excess can be wiped with a clean washcloth.
Whey can be a good base for makeup. Apply a base under makeup, Foundation or concealer and tighten all that loose powder.
There are means instant of exposure that are not courses, and from time to time, on special occasions. They create the effect of a well-groomed, shining face before a party or after a sleepless night. Typically, these serums packaged in disposable plastic capsules. Unwrap one of them and apply the liquid to the face with fingertips. Don't forget the eyelids, under the eyes, chin and neck. Wait five minutes and proceed to make-up.