You will need
  • - the audiometer;
  • is a hearing aid.
Swipe initial setup of the auditory apparatusimmediately after purchase or receipt. Please contact audiology center that the physician, audiologist adjusted the individual settings of the deviceand, based on the data of an audiogram.
When you configure a non-programmable machineand looking wear hearing apparatus and turn it on. Put on your headphones and press the button on the audiometer, when you hear the sound signals of different frequency and intensity.
Remove the hearing aid apparatus and give it to the audiologist to configure. Built settings themselves cannot be changed, but adjusting the volume you can.
If you have acquired a modern digital hearing aid machine, then configure it to be simpler than the machine of the previous generation. In audiology the hearing center put on your cameras. The technician will connect it to your computer and configure all the necessary parameters. During the configuration process to communicate with the audiologist, answer the questions about sound quality.
Some models of the auditory apparatuss can support multiple modes of amplification of sounds. Using the remote control mode switch when you need to reinforce speech sounds or to muffle the noise of the street.
After 1-2 weeks come at the audiology center in order to configure the hearing aid apparatus again. Fine tuning is conducted to ensure that the perception of the sounds of the world was as accurate as possible and comfortable for you. Repeat the procedure of setting the optimal parameters.
Educate a doctor, audiologist, as you hear with the auditory apparatus. Please note, you fully perceive the interlocutor's speech or not, as I hear the music or nature sounds. Low and high sounds can be perceived differently, and maybe the sound of the ones you want to strengthen, and others to turn it down.
After configuring the hearing aid apparatusand contact the specialists in case of any changes in the perception of sounds, as well as at each change of ear tips. Regularly change the batteries and keep spare batteries. Try to wear hearing apparatus constantly, paying attention to the sound of the new sounds.