Advice 1: How to adjust your hearing AIDS

People with impaired hearing, for the first time wearing a hearing aid may feel uncomfortable. Ambient sounds, suddenly burst into the silent world, often distorted and perceived as noise. It is therefore important to adjust your hearing AIDS and rehabilitation.
How to adjust your hearing AIDS
You will need
  • - the audiometer;
  • is a hearing aid.
Swipe initial setup of the auditory apparatusimmediately after purchase or receipt. Please contact audiology center that the physician, audiologist adjusted the individual settings of the deviceand, based on the data of an audiogram.
When you configure a non-programmable machineand looking wear hearing apparatus and turn it on. Put on your headphones and press the button on the audiometer, when you hear the sound signals of different frequency and intensity.
Remove the hearing aid apparatus and give it to the audiologist to configure. Built settings themselves cannot be changed, but adjusting the volume you can.
If you have acquired a modern digital hearing aid machine, then configure it to be simpler than the machine of the previous generation. In audiology the hearing center put on your cameras. The technician will connect it to your computer and configure all the necessary parameters. During the configuration process to communicate with the audiologist, answer the questions about sound quality.
Some models of the auditory apparatuss can support multiple modes of amplification of sounds. Using the remote control mode switch when you need to reinforce speech sounds or to muffle the noise of the street.
After 1-2 weeks come at the audiology center in order to configure the hearing aid apparatus again. Fine tuning is conducted to ensure that the perception of the sounds of the world was as accurate as possible and comfortable for you. Repeat the procedure of setting the optimal parameters.
Educate a doctor, audiologist, as you hear with the auditory apparatus. Please note, you fully perceive the interlocutor's speech or not, as I hear the music or nature sounds. Low and high sounds can be perceived differently, and maybe the sound of the ones you want to strengthen, and others to turn it down.
After configuring the hearing aid apparatusand contact the specialists in case of any changes in the perception of sounds, as well as at each change of ear tips. Regularly change the batteries and keep spare batteries. Try to wear hearing apparatus constantly, paying attention to the sound of the new sounds.

Advice 2: How to choose a hearing aid for an elderly person without a doctor

It is clear that when selecting a hearing aid should be guided by the recommendations of the expert. However, there are situations that a person of advanced age, years of commercials 80-85, just not able to go to an audiologist.
How to choose a hearing aid for an elderly person without a doctor

And it's not even that it there were no relatives to accompany. Just the old man barely moves around the house, resigned to his hearing loss and no joy from life is not waiting. He never thought that the problem of hearing loss has become extended family. After all, screaming at the top of the TV affects not only all households but also neighbors. Well, if an elderly person takes safely your fault. But often growing resentment. Like, you out there are planning something against me, whispering. In this case, it is easier to buy without the knowledge of the old man a hearing aid than to convince him otherwise.

Choice of hearing AIDS today is very wide. However, distinguish only two types: analog and digital. Those, in turn, are divided into types according to the method of installation: custom AIDS, BTE, pocket. It is necessary to immediately dismiss custom made instruments appliances to amplify sound, if you want to make the purchase without a major party. The fact that they are manufactured with special molds individually. Regardless of whether hearing AIDS globalonline or will occupy the entire internal area of the ear.

It remains to make a choice between the two remaining. A handheld device with headphones – this is a legacy model, and therefore the cheapest from 800 to 1000. If an elderly person no matter what the device is seen and is required mainly for watching TV, then this model is quite suitable. It is convenient for those people who have disturbed fine motor skills. A handheld device easier to pick up and set desired volume.

An elderly man, who is in her late 80s, it is best to buy BTE device which is conveniently attached and removed easily, is medium in size with low weight. Especially if the old man does not leave the apartment, it is still noticeable hearing aid to others or not. But how many positive emotions he gets when you can watch your favorite movie or listen to the native melody of their youth.

If you make a choice between analog and digital, the analog devices are easier to configure and less prone to breakdowns. It would be correct to say that programming is not necessary. Of course, digital designs have more advanced design and construction, making it possible to adjust for optimal audio clarity. They don't interfere with the use of a mobile phone. When this fact is not that important for an elderly person, it is better to stop the choice on the modern analog device.

Buying a hearing aid, you need to pay attention to how it's charging. There are devices, battery powered, battery powered, being charged like a mobile phone. If an elderly relative lives far from civilization, need to take care of buying replacement batteries, since one is usually enough for 1.5 months. As a rule, in the instructions, at what level hearing device is designed.


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