You will need
  • 2 seedling pistachio trees;
  • - shovel;
  • - the pruner;
  • - watering.
Verify whether the climatic conditions of your region suitable for development of pistachio trees. For good growth plants need a hot and fairly dry summer and short winter, without severe frosts.
Soil the plant needs sandy, in addition pistachio trees do not tolerate high humidity. Pistachios currently grow successfully in arid regions of Central Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.
Test soil. Pistachio trees thrive in stony, dry, slightly salty and alkaline soils with pH from 7.0 to 7.9.
Purchase seedlings. You will need at least two plants: male and female. Generally just one male tree to a female eight, but in the private garden is quite enough for two.
Pistachio tree can be grown from seed. If you manage to get raw nut (drupe), you can soak it in the drug that stimulate growth, for example, "Carnivine", planted in a sandy substrate, water and cover lutrasilom. In a similar way to grow the plant is quite difficult, because seedlings are very delicate and fragile, but if you put a lot of work and patience, you can get a lot of planting.
Prepare a planting hole for your tree. Dig a hole approximately one meter on. Trees grow tall up to 10 m in height, so the distance between the landing pits must be at least three meters.
Carefully remove the seedling from the container and inspect the roots. Cut the damaged areas, slices sprinkle wood ashes.
Place the pistachio seedling into the hole and cover with soil, it periodically utrambovyvaya. Pour plants.
During the first year of the pistachios do not need to fertilize and feed. They will need watering once every two weeks in spring and summer, and in September, watering should be stopped completely to help the trees prepare for winter.
In the second year after planting make universal potash, phosphate and nitrogen fertiliser, remove the weeds, and occasionally watering. 4-6 years your trees will bring the first fruits.