You will need
  • — MDF boards;
  • — wood glue;
  • — loop;
  • — sandpaper;
  • — acrylic paint for wood;
  • — aluminum pipe;
  • — acrylic putty;
  • — screws;
  • — masking tape;
  • — drill;
  • — drill for wood with a diameter of 3 mm;
  • — drill for metal with a diameter of 8-10 mm;
  • pencil;
  • — the range;
  • jig — saw;
  • — Cabinet makers vise;
  • — metal spatula;
  • — paint roller;
  • brush;
  • — dowels;
  • tube aluminum;
  • — screwdriver
Select a place to install a folding kitchen table. Perform the necessary measurements and make a drawing.
Construct the frame. To do this, take the MDF Board of a suitable size and mark on it the outlines of four side straps.
Saw out planks and fix them on plate with tableYarnykh Vice. Take a drill bit for wood and drill holes to a depth of 3 inches around the perimeter. Recommended hole pitch is 25-30 centimeters.
Install metal drill bit. Deepen the holes on 2-3 mm. Due to this, the cap screws will not protrude above the frame.
Gently apply wood glue to the parts of the frame. Attach them in place and press firmly to the MDF Board with a tablevise Yarnykh. Tighten the screws in the previously made holes.
Apply acrylic putty the heads of screws and connection elements with a spatula. Let the part dry for hours.
Gently treat the surface of the frame with sandpaper. Glue the ends of the tableechnica of masking tape.
Color tableechnica. Corners and inside edges it is recommended to paint with a narrow brush, wide surface with the paint roller. Let the paint dry.
Screw the hinges to the front edge of the tableof ernici, placing them at a distance of 13-15 cm from the edges. Attach the frame to the wall and mark the fixing points through the mounting holes in the hinges.
Drill holes in previously scheduled locations and secure hinge with dowels and screws.
Made of aluminum pipe support foot. Leg length needs to match the height of the mounting tableof ernici. If you want, you can fix it using clamps and special screws. Also as a support leg for your tableand you can use a small decorative tableIR, suitable height.