You will need
  • - pelmet;
  • ceiling cornice;
  • - sticky tape (Velcro);
  • - curtain tape (tape).
Purchase ceiling cornice required size. It can be direct or with rounded edges, a wall-length or only the width of the window. Make marks on the ceiling, drill the holes, insert the dowels in them. Attach to the ceiling cornice and tighten the screws.
Use mount hard pelmet with masking tape. Cut the Velcro (the Velcro) of the desired length, pre-measured upper bound of the pelmet. The sticky part of the glue to the outer edge of the ceiling cornice with glue.
Soft part Velcro sew neatly to the underside of the pelmet. Not to spoil the appearance of the product, use a hidden stitch or thread is take a thin fishing line. Secure the pelmet to the eaves, connecting both pieces of tape.
If the ceiling cornice has a nice baguette, you don't want to hide, sew the soft part of the Velcro to the front of the pelmet. The sticky part of the tape in this case stick to the underside of the baguette. Connect the two pieces of Velcro and secure the pelmet.
Apply mount soft pelmet with braid. Fasten the front side ceiling cornice, plastic hooks. Sew into the pelmet with curtain tape. Hang a valance on the hooks, and smooth it out. In order that the decorative element does not SAG, position the hooks as close as possible to each other.
If the curtains on your window or hanging on a tubular forged the ledge, and you want to further decorate them with pelmets, get a special extra attachment. Mount the cornice for lambrequin of flexible profile to the ceiling, arch or Bay window in front of the main cornice. Fasten it hard or soft pelmet using the Velcro or tape.
Rocker lock pelmet with hooks on a tubular ledge. The free ends of the loop over the crossbar and drape fabric in a random order.