Advice 1: How to fix pelmet

Pelmet – a decorative shower curtain that is hung over the curtains and gives the window decoration a finished look. Additional decor allows you to hide the main cornice and visually enlarge or trimming the window. There are several ways to secure the valance to the drapery is not deformed and does not SAG.
How to fix pelmet
You will need
  • - pelmet;
  • ceiling cornice;
  • - sticky tape (Velcro);
  • - curtain tape (tape).
Purchase ceiling cornice required size. It can be direct or with rounded edges, a wall-length or only the width of the window. Make marks on the ceiling, drill the holes, insert the dowels in them. Attach to the ceiling cornice and tighten the screws.
Use mount hard pelmet with masking tape. Cut the Velcro (the Velcro) of the desired length, pre-measured upper bound of the pelmet. The sticky part of the glue to the outer edge of the ceiling cornice with glue.
Soft part Velcro sew neatly to the underside of the pelmet. Not to spoil the appearance of the product, use a hidden stitch or thread is take a thin fishing line. Secure the pelmet to the eaves, connecting both pieces of tape.
If the ceiling cornice has a nice baguette, you don't want to hide, sew the soft part of the Velcro to the front of the pelmet. The sticky part of the tape in this case stick to the underside of the baguette. Connect the two pieces of Velcro and secure the pelmet.
Apply mount soft pelmet with braid. Fasten the front side ceiling cornice, plastic hooks. Sew into the pelmet with curtain tape. Hang a valance on the hooks, and smooth it out. In order that the decorative element does not SAG, position the hooks as close as possible to each other.
If the curtains on your window or hanging on a tubular forged the ledge, and you want to further decorate them with pelmets, get a special extra attachment. Mount the cornice for lambrequin of flexible profile to the ceiling, arch or Bay window in front of the main cornice. Fasten it hard or soft pelmet using the Velcro or tape.
Rocker lock pelmet with hooks on a tubular ledge. The free ends of the loop over the crossbar and drape fabric in a random order.

Advice 2: How to hang a valance on the curtains

A valance is a beautiful draping, the folds lying over the main curtains. It can not only serve as decoration but also to hide the shortcomings of the curtains or the blinds. They have come up with is to hide the unsightly part of the curtains, such as fastening. But today they are an independent element of interior design.
How to hang a valance on the curtains
Usually a valance is approximately a fourth or fifth part of the length of the curtains, but sometimes less. To hang it, you'll need a ledge or plank, on which he would continue to hold. The ledge you need to choose based on the size and weight of your pelmet.
I usually try to hang all the decorative elements of a window on one design. That is, the pole should consist of several straps to fit all curtains and pelmet. It is important that each canvas was attached to its bracket, otherwise you will not be able to open and close curtains, and it is very important.
The pelmet has a different method of mounting from the usual curtains that do not conceal the curtain where they hang. He is usually kept in the Velcro, thanks to which the layer of fabric completely covers the eye all strap. One part of the Velcro is attached to the supporting structure (the eaves) and the other is sewn to the valance. Choose a wide and strong Velcro, to sustain the tissue mass.
The cornice for pelmets should also be strong enough. If the fabric is dense and heavy, plastic or aluminium as a material is not suitable, they will bend or break on its severity. Most likely, you will need a durable metal cornice or a sturdy wooden design. You can pick up a special cornice for lambrequin in the store. They are usually massive enough to withstand all the layers of fabric.
Cornice for lambrequin mounted near the ceiling, the fabric flowed from the top of the wall above the window. As in most cases the other two curtains are sheer and some kind of heavy fabric, the cornice is required triple.
Useful advice
Don't forget to take care of the mounts for the rest of the curtains. Rings, hooks or clips – choice is very important. Check whether the curtains to move freely under the pelmet. Typically use small hooks or clips which can be inside plates of the cornice, pelmet so they do not interfere.
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