Advice 1: How to decorate a chest of

An old trunk can be a key part of any interior, if you clean it and decorate. Many shops undertake this work, but it is possible to make this work with their hands.
How to decorate a chest of
Clean out the old chest. If the old painting on it is not artistic or historical value, treat the surface of the subject cloth, pay special attention to the corners and edges of the chest.
Cover the entire surface of the trunkand the main colours. For this you can use a brush, roller or sponge. Depending on the method of application of paint, the trunk will look different. Let it dry completely, follow the instructions on the package with paint. If you want to style it under a vintage that had lain for years in the attic, the box, remove the layer of paint skin on the vertical fins.
Think of a picture that would depict on the cover and the front part of the chest. You can choose a motif that is appropriate to the rest of the interior, or use patterns that are typical, for example, for the Vikings. First, sketch out a drawing on a sheet of paper and then transfer it to the surface of the chest.
Paint the drawing. Use acrylic paint on wood, their main advantage is that they exactly go, do not spread, do not stain hands and clothing. Depending on what kind of image you want to portray, the technique of applying color will be different. For example, you can use a thin brush (2, 3) to create a landscape or scene. And to draw an ornament around the body chestand better to use a stencil and a sponge. Leave until completely dry paint.
Cover all product with a special varnish for wood. If necessary, apply a second coat.
Purchase in store of furniture fittings for a chest. Fasten with screws the side of the handle, the handle on the lid of the chestand the keyhole. You can also attach decorative metal forging on the lid and side frequent products. Make sure that metal parts do not have burrs.

Advice 2: How to decorate a stroller for a pram parade

Massive street festival has long been a decoration of any developed city. Various festivals and parades delight and unite citizens. The most popular parades are considered family topics. The parade of wheelchairs, for example - it's not just a publicity stunt to improve the demographic situation in the country, but also an occasion to boast of their kids and a rich imagination. Having decided to participate in the parade of wheelchairs, it is important to consider all the smallest details - from the decorations to the outfits stroller parents and baby.
How to decorate a stroller for a pram parade
Decorate a stroller, you can use scrap materials - fabric, cardboard, etc. to start To define who your child is - royalty, a hero or heroine of cartoons or fairy tales, or maybe an employee popular professions or funny animals? If the child is dressed as a bee, stroller should mimic the expanded flower, etc. use your imagination and draw a rough version of the selected image on a piece of paper. Have patience and necessary materials. Invite to participate in the design of the whole family. Someone to cut, someone to glue someone to sew, etc. during the work, do not be surprised that it turns out not as you originally came up with. Improvisation within reasonable limits, does not harm anyone else.

Option 1. Cheburashka and crocodile Gena. Purchase or sew for the child a suit of Cheburashka. Dad can dress up in crocodile Gena, and the mother or grandmother - in Gibus. Because in the story a donkey was brought to the city in a wooden box with oranges, the stroller needs to simulate a wooden box. To do this, glue the body of the stroller cardboard (you can just put on top of an old cardboard box), razlikuje in the form of vertical plates, paint under the tree and draw something where the nail heads and the stamp. Inside the stroller put something like a straw and rubber balls that mimic the oranges. These fruits are best avoided - if the baby decides in the midst of the holiday to eat them.

Option 2. Doctor Aybolit. The child and parents should dress up in doctors. The stroller will act as ambulances. This again will need a cardboard box. Draw and cut out the Windows, paint the transport of the relevant identification marks. From black cardboard to make the wheels and glued to the frame. Instead of medical subjects, you can use military (buggy tank) or police clearance (transport, traffic police or PPP).

Option 3. Charming Shrek. They want chubby toddler is perfect for the role of the good-natured green giant. The carriage can be placed in a rotten stump or dead tree. Get the cardboard and the real branch. It is also possible to fit pram body suitable cloth with painted elements of the forest.

Option 4. The treasure chest is. What is the best treasure in the world? Of course, baby. For a child does not require special costumes, and most importantly, the clothes were elegant. And parents can dress up as pirates. The stroller need to decorate in the form of an open chest with gold coins. To decorate the case, you can use velvet fabric in rich chocolate brown with gold ribbons on each side and sewn with a paper key hole front in the middle. Instead of coins inside you can lay the fabric colors of gold or yellow shiny sew a couple of buttons so that the child could not to tear them.

Option 5. His (her) Highness. The stroller should be decorated in a Royal coach, the child dress up in a Prince or Princess, and parents to become ladies and gentlemen. This is the most difficult version of the design - the cardboard is misplaced, because it is too simple. Will suit all kinds of fabric, ribbon, chain, beads, three-dimensional flower buds, etc. On the roof of a stroller or to the side attach the crown from gold foil.

Advice 3: How to draw a treasure chest with a pencil

What a game of pirates without a treasure chest? The chest is absolutely necessary. If there is no time to do it, you can at least draw. Much time it will take, and the tools need only a simple pencil. Well, on paper, of course, even if it is just a piece of Wallpaper.
The pirates kept their treasure in chests

Trapezoids or rectangles

The treasure chest you can draw, of course, and at an angle. But in this case it is necessary to consider at least the elementary laws of perspective, to calculate a ratio, positioning the line at a right angle. This, of course, also possible to do this but the easiest way to draw the chest - so that he's standing right in front of you. If we consider this subject, you can see that it consists of either two rectangles or a rectangle and a trapezoid, regardless of, he cover is open or closed. Swipe close to the bottom edge of the sheet a horizontal line and mark on it the length of the trunk. From these marks, draw up two lines, mark them on the height of the lower part of the chest and connect the marks between themselves.
If the lower part of the chest will be in the form of a trapezoid, begin drawing with the horizontal line, mark the length of the bottom, slide at an angle of a side edge and connect the ends.


At some distance from the upper line of the guide parallel to it direct, it will be the bottom lid of the open trunk. He was breaking from the right gold coins and emerald beads, so they will be visible between these lines. And then everything is quite simple. Draw a line on this rectangle to the altitude, what do you think is acceptable.
The chests, by the way, were very different, some cover was placed almost above the bottom.

Decorate the chest

The creators of the chests showed outstanding creativity and vivid imagination. The chest was strong, beautiful and intricate lock. Upholster the trunk forged iron. To do this, just need to paint along edges, and bottom edges of the main part and covers parallel lines, adorning their fancy hats of nails. Moreover, the trunk lid may be rounded, that is, the edges better to make is not strictly vertical, and at a very slight angle. In the middle of the lid and bottom, draw a castle with an overlay. The pirates, of course, covered their chests and padlocks, but it was not the most reliable thing. Mortise lock is stronger and more beautiful. The chest you can decorate intricate designs – floral or geometric patterns, animal silhouettes, etc.

Add beads (rows of dots), chains with links of various shapes and other decorations. Among the treasures can be of different coins, which on a horizontal plane will seem ovals, precious stones of all kinds and types. Diamonds, rubies and emeralds are drawn just in the form of polyhedra of different sizes.

Advice 4: How to decorate a gym for prom

On the question of decorating the hall in the kindergarten for the prom parents usually think long before that momentous first graders for future dates. As such, each person in life happens only once, so mom and dad carefully tried to look as beautiful as you can, and to their children was nice.
How to decorate a gym for prom
The scheme of decoration of the hall for prom in kindergarten usually depends on the scenario. Although a good design of the room might give the organizers of the prom, the future first graders for the implementation of any original ideas or amendments in the script.
Looks very interesting room, decorated in the style of train, which sang Crocodile Gena in the song "Blue wagon" from the famous children's cartoon. And the phrase about "floating away into the distance minutes" is the best spirit fit for the former (five minutes) kindergartners. To the colorful wagons made from paper and pasted on the wall or painted on a giant poster from a sheet of paper, you can stick photos of the graduates themselves, as if looking out of the Windows. To complete the picture of the "school" trains can be hand written poems about kindergarten and the school or just a few sentences describing each child. Well heads of this train have to do educators, gluing their pictures to the head carriage of the locomotive. But if you have to place chairs with tables near the walls, as if children travel in a real train, it will be at all memorable.
And you may recall the famous and favorite of many parents, the expression "Children – flowers of life" on the walls of the groups to break real garden. Let the walls will show off the flowers depicted in any convenient way for you. And in the center of each Bud you can paste pictures of the kids. Don't forget about caregivers, who plays the gardeners with watering cans. To place will and pots of sturdy cardboard, is beautifully painted and studded with paper flowers in the style of origami.
The kids love adventure. With this in mind, you can arrange a room for prom in the best traditions of the pirate, "spilling" on the walls Krugerrands, fancy trees, in the shade where the pirates are hiding. And the treasure will be the "graduate Diploma" that can be placed in a chest furnished in the form of a pocket on the wall (and for each party the "pirate prom") or an independent cardboard box. And let the children as if sailing on their ships to this island in search of his treasure. Just draw a ship and post it pictures of graduates, looking at the island through a spyglass. The ship's boys to let them be the teachers. And at the helm stand the head of the captain's hat.
And don't forget the balloons. They come to the places on each outlet, no matter what style you have decorated the hall. And of course draw and place in the room a few posters with slogans such as "goodbye, kindergarten," "kindergarten Graduates" or "Congratulations future first-graders".

Advice 5: How to decorate a cake for a boy

For a child is beautifully decorated delicious cake for birthday is almost as important as the gifts. Will definitely purchase a cake can fit almost all your criteria, but is he able to compete with homemade, cooked exactly how he likes your kid? Sailboats, treasure chests, basketball courts are just some of the ideas for design "main sweets" for your boy.
How to decorate a cake for a boy
You will need
  • - marzipan;
  • - frosting;
  • biscuit;
  • - stencils;
  • - edible figures;
  • - plastic figures;
  • - chocolate;
  • - a pastry bag;
  • confectionery topping.
Select a topic that is interesting to your boy. It can be sports, cars, robots, animals, or cartoon characters and movies. Rate your strength – do you know how to sculpt or draw? If so, you can make figures out of marzipan or draw something on the cakee cream. If not, you will have to buy decorations and print stencils.
Prepare the sponge cake. If you have a special shaped form, bake the cake in it. You will just have to cover it with glaze and paint cream. Now you can find baking molds in the form of various animals and cartoon characters. Also, if you can sculpt, you can sculpt a figurine of the finished biscuit, as from clay. Don't be afraid of flaws, they will all be covered with cream or covered with marzipan.
Bake a rectangular cake, if you want to turn it into a football, hockey, basketball or track car. Cover the cake entirely with colored cream or frosting – white, green, yellow. Allow the glaze to harden, smooth cream and apply contrasting markings of the same material. Place on cakee marzipan, or chocolate plastic figures of players, cars.
Cut the cake in half. Partially pull out of the heart cake and fill it with chocolate medals, in the form of money. Cover the cake with cream or icing, turning it into a treasure chest.
Stencil cut-out cakeand a toy car, boat, robot, rocket or plane. Cover with cream or frosting and paint on the model, downloaded from the Internet. You can also make a train with carriages, armed with only a knife and two stencils of engine and trailers. No more difficult transportation to make a cakeand a pirate hat, a dinosaur or a beloved hero of Sponge Bob.
A round cake can easily turn into a soccer ball, just covering it in white and brown chocolate icing. Also it is possible to make the treasure island. Cut the cakeand a bit of biscuit around the edges. Cover the entire surface with blue glaze or cream. Shape a small island and set up in the middle of your sea. Apply the green icing or cream. Red crosses mark the place where there should be treasure. Put plastic or marzipan palm tree. In the ocean put a congratulatory inscription.
Quite simply decorate a cake with a picture of grated chocolate, cocoa or colored topping. It is enough to cover it with icing or cream, cut the stencil and place it on the cake, evenly sprinkle and remove the stencil. You can even make a colored drawing using multiple stencils and painted coconut.
If you have ever done gingerbread houses, then you can try to collect for your boy, interested in knights, a castle. It's not much more complicated. For fans of Harry Potter can be on gingerbread technology to make Hogwarts.
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