You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a set of keys.
Drain first the oil from the gear box to get down to full disassembly. Then remove the bolts that should hold the bottom cover of the gearbox. Then gently remove it, but do it in such a way as not to break the gasket.
Next remove the elastic coupling, which in the Gazelle need to stay for no more than three bolt and spring, remove it, and then the gear.
Remove the nuts (5 pieces) that secure the rear cover, and then carefully remove the cover. In the process, turn it to the gear moved away from the attachment. After you remove the gear into reverse. To do this, remove the bolts that hold the fork and stem and then remove the gear that is responsible for reverse by moving the shift fork.
Pull out design, shaft bearing and fork clutch before installing it in the right way box. Then knock the clutch housing, remove the bolts (6 pieces) that hold it and remove it. By performing this, keep in mind that you can mess with the gasket.
Lock the intermediate shaft by inserting metal plates between the gears. Then Unscrew the bolt that holds the lock-washer. Then remove the shaft and gear.
Remove the balls and springs by loosening the bolts previously needed. Then Unscrew the shift fork: first 3 or 4 gears, and only then 1 and 2 gear. With caution, remove the stems, pre-obstuchal them. Note the location of the "crackers", as they have different sizes, and remove them, then remove input shaft.
Unscrew all the screws that hold the bearing plate and pull it out to fully disassemble the transmission. Use the impact screwdriver to ease the work.