All these components can influence the quality of communication. To test the connection, there is a simple way. Start a command prompt. To do this, go to the menu Windows "start" button in the corner of the screen. Then expand the "Standard" and find the shortcut to run command line utilities and click on the icon with the mouse.
Then type ping [ip address of the computer on the network] to check the quality of communication in the area. If you need to check the connection quality of the Internet connection, after the operator ping, enter the name of your Internet address, for example, More information about the quality of the connection provides a command traceroute [ip address] and enter the computer sends a request to the website and displays the following information: the number of moves your node names and IP addresses, as well as information about the packet delay.
If the connection in the local network is unstable, check the quality of the twisted pair cable by using a special tester. Depending on the model you will receive information about the wiring diagrams of the cables on the nearest available ports, the availability of food and other characteristics.
There are special online services which allow you to get full information about your Internet connection: your external ip address, the number of nodes, speed parameters, etc. As a rule, similar services exist even on the Yandex website. In this case, all the information is free. The quality of the connection can also be verified using the standard software. If you have a USB modem. Open the program with which to connect. Next, click on the "Statistics" tab and view the connection speed at the moment.