Care for them just. The main thing is to put.

Three ways of planting

Plant delphinium in three ways: seeds, cuttings and divided part of the Bush.

The seeds of delphinium require stratification. Therefore, if you decide to choose this method of reproduction, the least troublesome option is to sow seeds in the autumn. Over the winter they will undergo a natural stratification and perfectly germinate in the spring.

Despite its southern origin, delphinium - plant winter-hardy. These cute flowers can withstand temperatures down to 40 degrees without damage to health. The only thing that can harm it thaw, so that the root system of delphiniums lies deep under the soil surface.

Of course, you can resort to the seedling method. Stratify seeds in the refrigerator, in March, sow them, and in the early summer to plant outdoors. Just keep in mind that in this case they will bloom soon, perhaps even next year.

Grafted delphiniums can be, once in the spring, the plant reaches a height of not less than 20 cm cuttings Themselves must be of a length of about 15 cm.

Put cut shoots to root, and then planted in the ground.

Cut cuttings after flowering. But that under - goes only to the southern regions. Someplace warm, you can plant delphinium and in the autumn, for example, in the month of September. But in the North the flowers will not have time to take root before the cold weather, so the planting operation it is advisable to conclude summer.

Division. This is the easiest method of propagation of delphinium. And in the South and in the middle belt to divide the plant even during flowering. Importantly, the divided plants were planted as soon as possible.

Care undemanding

Delphinium - one of the most undemanding plants in our gardens. If the flower was planted, it will grow and bloom without the vagaries.

But when planting it is worth considering that delphiniums prefer soil that is nearly neutral in acidity. Don't forget to fill in the hole of ash.

Delphiniums love the sun but may burn in too much sun. So try to find them a private place at least 2-3 hours a day will be very hot. Drafts delphiniums also do not favor, so try to settle them in a quiet corner.

The whole care of the flowers during the growing season are only watering and hoeing after watering. Drink these flowers very much, so very regular watering is required. If the summer is rainy, the moisture the plants do not need.

What are the delphiniums?

In total there are about 400 species of delphiniums. These flowers are so diverse that only one of them can make a picturesque composition in cool colors.

Princess Caroline. Plant to 2 m tall. Inflorescence dense, flowers pink, double, diameter 10 cm

Snowy lace. White velvet flowers decorated with a dark brown eye in the middle. Plant height up to 1.5 meters, of which the peduncle about 40 cm

The pink butterfly. Plant height of 80 cm to a meter. The main decoration of the varieties of pale - pink flowers with white center. Especially good as the padding under the tall trees and shrubs.

White butterfly. Similar to "Pink butterfly", only the flowers are white.