Advice 1: How to prepare balm Balynina

Balynina a salve (or balm sisters Balynina) is known among connoisseurs of folk medicine due to its amazing healing effect in the treatment of purulent diseases, burns, diseased joints. In addition, this tool successfully treat a runny nose and sore throat. Action ointment is based on the healing properties of its two basic elements – natural beeswax and oil. There are variations of the recipe in which some ingredients are replaced or supplemented by other useful components.
How to prepare balm Balynina

A classic recipe ointment Balynina

The main difficulty of cooking balm sisters Balynina is that it is not always possible to get him a quality oil wood (or lamp) oil, having in its composition of olive oil, myrrh, cinnamon, Cassia and sweet cane. Try to buy this ingredient in the Church, where it is used for worship. Wax needs to take a natural, from a trusted seller at a market or from a beekeeper friend. Melted Church candles is not recommended – the last time they contain soft paraffin, and a number of chemical additives.
From ointments make an application with a cotton or linen bandage, changing it 3 times a day for 5-7 days. For burns and bumps balm is applied, not zabitova. When a cold is recommended to lubricate the nasal passages, and angina – neck.

Half a Cup of crude oil pour into an enamel pan and add the chunks of natural beeswax (40 g). Stir in 1 teaspoon sugar and all the good ones. Put the dishes on a very slow fire, constantly stirring the contents with a wooden spoon, bring the mixture to a boil. Remove the pan and cool ointment, first at room temperature then in the refrigerator compartment. Ready means move to store in a clean glass jar and close the plastic cover. As such, the ointment Balynina will not lose its medicinal properties during the year.

Variation healing ointment

Today, not all priests use the classic firs of five components, so it is acceptable to replace this ingredient ointment Balynina unrefined olive oil. By the way, is it in its pure form was previously used in Church ceremonies. As practice shows, such a replacement allows to achieve a positive effect of treatment of many skin diseases. Connoisseurs of folk medicine, unable to find real fir trees, add to olive oil pine resin. SAP you can collect from the forest trees (not in the city!), with the point of a knife. When cooking balm all the main components (olive oil, resin, wax) take in equal proportions, add 5 g of sugar.

Tinkering ointment Balynina in their own way, fans of the famous medicinal prescription, in fact, create a new unique tools. However, many of the balms are very good at their task of treating erysipelas, dermatitis, rheumatism, sores, burns. As a rule, in the preparation of such funds combined bee products, resins of conifers and olive oil (rarely it is replaced by sunflower and creamy, interior pork fat).
It is believed that the ointment Balynina has no contraindications. However, before using folk remedies should eliminate the Allergy on its components and consult with your doctor.

To prepare a miracle-cream is one of the most popular recipes, cook in a water bath Cup of olive oil and half a Cup of wax and resin of coniferous wood (the latter - in the form of resin or powdered dry powder). When the mass becomes uniform, add to it 2 tablespoons of natural honey and propolis on the tip of a knife. Boil the mixture, stirring, for another 10 minutes and remove the dishes from heat. The ointment will just have to chill and put in a glass container for storage.

Advice 2: How to cook the SAP

Turpentine is a pine resin Golden or dark brown. Is the name of this resin was due to its medicinal properties. It is very well heals wounds and sores, as a natural antiseptic. In addition, it has bactericidal, produces the anasthetic and adsorbent properties. Thanks to the healing properties of its SAP has gained immense popularity among the peoples of Siberia, and is now successfully used in folk medicine all over Russia. Different ointments from the resin can be cooked at home.
How to cook the SAP
To talk about the method of preparation of resin it is impossible, not to mention what diseases can be cured by using a particular concentration. Rich chemical composition (more than 70% of various resin acids and about 0.3-fatty acids and the natural properties of the resin allow to cook a lot of different variants of ointments, solutions and salves that can be stored and used when needed.
Don't use SAP in its pure form unless approved by a doctor. Often SAP you can find in a concentrated 12.5% or 20%. Dilute 12.5% of the turpentine oil in the ratio of 2 teaspoons of 12.5% resin for 3 teaspoons of oil to get a less concentrated solution. The oil can be sunflower and even olive.
Mix of pine SAP with cedar oil, then get the so-called turpentine balsam. Together, these two components have a stronger effect than individually. For making balm you will need 1 piece of cedar resin and 5 parts pine oil. The mixture should be heated in a water bath until dissolved, and strain. This remedy can be stored for long periods. Importantly, tightly cover the pot.
Use this balm for rubbing for rheumatism, sciatica, disease of the joints; massage into the area of the heart arrhythmia, angina, tachycardia. Lubricate cracks, burns, cuts on the skin, colds and pneumonia every day RUB the chest and back; instill a few drops when you cold and sinus, lubricate the sinuses to prevent colds in autumn and winter.
To treat wounds, gangrene and ulcer you can use the resin in its pure form. To do this, dissolve the desired amount of resin in a water bath (the temperature should not be bole 60S), wait for complete dissolution. This substance can be used for lotions. You need only dip the bandage in diluted SAP and put a bandage on the wound. Change the dressing every 2 days.
Do the following oily solution of bait fish, if you suffer from cracked heels, lips: mix 1 part sea buckthorn oil with 1 part of vitamin A in oil and 1 part turpentine. Sea buckthorn oil and oleoresins dissolve in a water bath and then in a slightly cooled mass, add the vitamin A.
If you frequently catch colds and suffer from herpes do reserve the turpentine, mixed with vegetable oil in ratio 1:2. It is possible to store, but the container must be kept tightly closed, so that it does not leak the air.
Another indispensable means of treatment at home is an ointment of turpentine and propolis. To prepare this ointment, take the resin and propolis 1 tablespoon and 3 tablespoons of any oil and mix all together, heat in a water bath. It is an indispensable tool for healing cuts, bruises and any other damage to the skin.
As you can see, methods of preparing the resin a lot and its scope is also quite extensive. So if you had the opportunity to purchase this truly life-giving resin, do not neglect it. The presence of such a "doctor" in the family, especially where there are children and the elderly, will not be superfluous.
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