As we know salt is a sodium salt. Unfortunately, the human body cannot manufacture sodium, more sodium in the body does not accumulate, but to spend this element our bodies know how great. We are talking about sweating, which spends the sodium stored in the body.

Without the infusion of sodium in the body, the body ceases to function approximately a couple of weeks. The salt in turn is the main provider of sodium. By the way, originally, the Land alive have appeared in salt water.

If you eat less than 2 grams of salt per day, increase the possibility of developing various ailments, which are caused by a deficiency of sodium. Insufficient amount of salt causes a decrease in the activity of the brain that first respond to such a lack of the necessary elements in the body. When the desired amount of sodium present in the body, you think better and are more resilient.

The amount of salt

It should be noted the effect of eating too much salt. If you eat more than 4 grams daily, increased swelling and fluid excreted from the body more slowly than necessary. That is why you need to observe some measure in terms of salt intake.

Experts advise to adhere to the norms of one small spoon every day. As a rule, this spoon about 2-3 grams of pure salt. Such a small dose associated with a significant amount of salt, which the modern man gets from semi-finished products, canned food and similar food.

For children need to set limits on salt consumption. It is better to teach a child a bit insufficient salting food, as at a young age a high amount of sodium in the body leads to hypertension, obesity and other ailments. For children diets the best option is to reduce the amount of salty foods and increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.

For the elderly salt intake also need to control. With age should gradually reduce the daily dose to approximately one and a half grams. Because of this you will be able to extend the health of your blood vessels.


Salt your body needs, which simply can not function without sodium. Thus it is necessary to control the amount of salt in the diet and to eat about 1 small teaspoons a day.

Completely to refuse salt should not be, but overeating is not necessary.