Such known worldwide producers of jewelry, such as Tiffany&Co, F. Muller and, of course, Cartier is the so-called distinctive signs that Express the uniqueness and preferences of the creators, or stored in a history. For example, Mikimoto remains faithful to the traditionally refined products from pearls, Boucheron mixes precious stones of various colors, like a kaleidoscope, take the same with his famous Cartier ring Trinity, as the personification of the best of human qualities.

If we talk about whether or not to pursue fashion and jewelry that are relevant in this season, you should rely on the material side of the question. Trendy things are often as timeless classics, and next season could fall sharply in price.

Don't forget that no matter how expensive or fashionable as the decoration, incorrectly choosing it under the external image, the impression may be the opposite. It is recommended to follow the unwritten rules of style. For example, earrings should be worn with sleek hair and owner of long neck. Several rings on one finger — it is not fashionable, unless provided for in the design.

Fancy rings convex shape to wear on index or middle fingers, and thin — to the nameless. And the massive rings with stones are not suitable for girls with thin fingers. About the bracelets may be noted that a thin light — is worn loosely on the wrist, and a larger, decorated with stones include the commit already just above the wrist.

Regarding suspensions: chain with pendant look best on plain clothing without any inserts or convex elements, and is well suited to dekolirovaniya dress or blouse. Absolutely, and that necklace looks perfectly on deep cuts. The main caveat is that the necklace should match the color of your skin.