Probably you often face the situation when an adult child 7-8 years is a long time have to beg them to clean up their toys and put things in order. He stubbornly continues to play, oblivious to your requests. But it's not so much stubbornness as not orderly and laziness. Child I hears and understands, but he unlike you does not prevent a mess.

If you try to force to impute to the child a sense of order, it will only cause a backlash. Try a different approach. Explain to your child that in an hour you need all ubrat, and exit the room. Give your child the opportunity to choose when it was the hour to begin cleaning. Return by the appointed time – if the child has still not managed to get out, but has already begun, encourage him. If he continues to play carefree, repeat the request, but executing give me 10 minutes. Immediately warn that the refusal and sabotage the child will receive due punishment, and leave again.

Usually after a second reminder the child will begin to harvest, all kind giving to understand that makes you a great favor. Do not pay attention to it. As soon as the deed is done, encourage the child a favorite treat. If you went back 10 minutes later and the deadlock was not moved, punish the child, as promised. But clean everything you need in his presence. The child must understand that cleaning is not causing your negative emotions, it is quick and easy. But you invented the punishment is obviously unpleasant. Let similar cases happen again some time in the future, but the child will quickly conclude that it is much easier to remove, than to endure any hardship in the form of penalties.

Also, pay attention to the tone tell your child to put toys away. It should not be clerks, not to demean the child, and he will volunteer to fulfill the request. Formulate it so: "you'll clean that up, and let's go for a walk?", after wait for a response – the child must agree. If the child refuses, find out why. Maybe he just wants to finish the game or finish the constructor. Even if you answer "I do not want, agree with him that this time will be removed instead, and he instead of you will you feed the cat. In the end, all of us sometimes do not want to perform their duties, and we allow ourselves not to do it. So give your child the opportunity sometimes to be lazy.