The first legend

Silky and shiny hair will make rinsing them with vinegar.

The vinegar solution was used by grandparents to remove alkaline deposits from hair, which makes them dull. The modern structure of the shampoos is very different from those which were used previously. This use of vinegar is no longer necessary.

The second legend

Healing effect on the scalp rubbing ice cubes.

Bluntly, this is an extremely risky method of preserving beauty. The effect of low temperature is a significant stress for the skin. Constant rubbing ice face disrupts the blood flow, promotes the expansion of pores and capillary grid becomes more noticeable, especially if the skin is sensitive and thin. So you need to be careful.

The third legend

There is no difference in day and night creams.

In fact, the day cream is not as fatty as night. It easier to distribute on the skin, leaving no Shine. And night cream deeper penetrate, nourish and accelerate the metabolic processes in the skin. They are absorbed more long-term. Using a night cream instead of the morning, the feeling of "mask" on her face.

The fourth legend

Night cream must be applied just before bedtime.

Is forbidden to do. You should apply it on clean skin, better for an hour or two before bedtime, so he had to absorb. Otherwise, in the morning swelling may appear.

The fifth legend

With effectively fights stretch marks cocoa butter.

In fact, it increases the activity of cells, but also quickly depletes them. Therefore, after some time comes the opposite effect – reduced cell activity. Honestly, this tool softens as well as other vegetable oil. With the help of cocoa butter to eliminate stretch marks fail.

The sixth legend

Eyelash growth stimulate castor oil and vaseline.

Those funds are not substances that stimulate the growth of eyelashes. But the continuous use of castor oil and vaseline will make them Shine.