Bright, fun, fashion: Serena van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf conquered everybody with their great style. A huge number of stylists, designers and makeup artists have worked to develop the characters of this series. And they were able to achieve the main thing - perfection. What is the appeal of the two main heroines of the series "Gossip girl"?

The Style Of Serena

Charming, but a little windy, and sometimes too windy Serena van Der Woodsen. Her clothes, her accessories, all that shows her bright and cheerful disposition. But its main feature is sexy. From tight jeans, short tops and shorts, she gradually moved on to more feminine outfits. Tight dresses, short skirts and high heels accentuate a gorgeous figure of Serena. A little careless locks add even more sexy in the gorgeous look of this bright blonde.

Style Blair

Impeccable in everything: in clothes, in school and generally in life - Blair Waldorf. Its distinguishing feature is a love of accessories. Headbands of different sizes and colors is her calling card. And yet, despite this little baby accessory, clothing Blair prefers elegant classics. Coats, blouses with ruffles and luxury shoes - all the best from famous designers. Blair is a fan of Audrey Hepburn, which clearly influenced her style. Every dress girl has a slight hint of retro.

Of course, the TV series "Gossip girl" won the hearts of his fans not only a fashion boom. Every girl wants to get into this magnificent world of passion, intrigue, and, of course, secular balls.