What gives coconut oil for the body:

– hydration and nutrition;

– protection against sunlight;

– perfect tan;

– prevents the appearance of stretch marks;

massage with oil relaxes and gives a romantic atmosphere;

– cools the skin;

– relieves muscle spasm;

– prevention of skin diseases;

– you can use after the shower instead of lotion;

– may be used as a cream and after shaving;

– moisturizing scrub;

– protection from the cold;

– used for healthy and smooth nails;

– absorbs quickly to relieve the excess is not necessary;

– heal burns;

– heals minor wounds;

– relieves pain from sunburn;

– if taking a bath add a drop of oil into the water as it is used against tight and dry skin.

The oil from the coconut is versatile in use. But its main feature is the hydration. It is not necessary to spend money on buying expensive creams, lotions, because you can just buy coconut oil. It will replace in full all other means.

If you are going on vacation, then grab a couple of bottles of oil. Use every day before going to the beach. At the end of the holiday you will get a smooth and beautiful tan, which would be enviable. Note! From coconut oil a little protection from the sun. So use and sunscreen. The oil also protects from hard water.

Want to enhance the rejuvenating effect? You can add liquid vitamin E. by Itself, the oil contains this vitamin, but can slightly increase its content.

For all who have recently given birth! Use coconut oil for Breasts and body. It will help to quickly restore the skin and tighten the stomach. Prevents stretch marks. Also it can be applied on the nipples, it will keep them from crackling.

Home Spa can be arranged with the help of coconut oil. Massage with warm oil will relax immersed in identical Spa. Adding essential oils is welcome. This massage has not only physical effects but also psychological. Relieves stress, aggression, lethargy and fatigue. If used a lot oil and it is not absorbed during the massage, then just take a shower.

It can even be applied to children. It does not cause allergies, can help relieve the negative effect of diapers and protect delicate baby skin.

Applying coconut oil can be almost to abandon the chemicals. It will save the budget and maintain health.