For many animals become best friends, family members, and an integral part of life, and in the development of children, they can play an important role in psychological, social, biological aspects. First and foremost, a pet will teach your child to be disciplined and responsible. Once in your home appear little animal, the child will begin to understand that a pet must care for and respect him, because this is not a toy but a living creature that needs affection. When the kid asks you for permission to have a pet, the child should explain that he will be in charge of the animal, which was tamed. So the kid will learn to care not only about yourself, to be responsible for the consequences of their actions and understand the responsibility. This is especially important for children who have no brothers and sisters.

Actively playing with your pet, the child moves and develops physically, as well as, animals relieve stress and improve health of your crumbs. Pets contribute to the development of the child intellectually. From an early age the child is together with his friend will begin to explore the world. In the process of learning pet, the child also learns new facts about other animals, people and the world in General.

How to choose the right animal?

First pet better to start from 3 or 4 years, but to care for him until parents. In this period of life the kid starts to understand the world, so he will only observe how the parents behave with the pet, and then try to do something on their own. At this age it is better to have small and cute animals (hamsters, rabbits, parrots). Parents need to be always careful, because the baby can kind of behave with the animal and to show their respect to him. In 5-6 years the child already starts to care for a pet, but for parents that will help and show you an example. 7 years old, the animal was almost completely given to the child. At this age you can already have a cat or a dog, which will for the child as your own child.

Also before you get a pet, you need to consider the fact of the dangers that can take place. Allergy, infection, incorrectly brought up an animal are important and cannot be ignored. In the case of allergies, the pet will have to give. But do not forget about the animal, which also as the child needs care, protection and love. The pet must be vaccinated and to monitor the state of health of the animal.