When the Turks began settling in the lands they conquered Byzantine Empire, they became much to learn and to benefit. So was born the all famous Turkish bath – Hammam. The progenitor of the Turkish bath was the Roman baths. Turks slightly altered the image, add their own features and characteristics.

Turkish bath differs from the Finnish and Russian baths. The room of the Hammam is sheathed with fancy tiles. It usually has soft colors and soft tones. Along the walls there are benches made of marble. Steam in the Hammam impregnated with aromatic oils of eucalyptus and mint. This is an excellent tool for the prevention of colds. For those people who are unable to withstand high temperatures in the sauna or steam bath, Turkish Hammam will be a real salvation.

Very well, if you visit the Hammam there is a possibility to do a Turkish massage. It is done in a special massage gloves in conjunction with a soap solution. Sometimes it is added essential oils that give the procedure a therapeutic effect. Japanese bath, yasuragi, for many years, is an effective method to relieve fatigue, stress and neurosis. It allows you to heal the body as a whole.

The Japanese bath is a ritual, a special purification process consisting of two stages. First, a worker steam room helps to prepare the visitor to dive into the hot water barrel. In the barrels the water temperature can reach 50 degrees, but the dip will not be stressful. The client gradually pour water, each time increasing the temperature of the water. When the human body has finally adapted to the conditions, it was immersed in an oak baptismal font. The composition can be completely different! It includes an herbal infusion of eucalyptus, elecampane, ivy and ginger.

In today's state of the environment, permanent stresses and nervous tension, Hammam and yasuragi will become your faithful helpers in the fight against several diseases.