To build a structure even improvised, and with proper location, a fireplace will transform into an attractive art object.

Plasterboard - a universal, so to simulate the fireplace is the perfect option. Construction plywood is also pretty good. But, if the drywall to make the finish without any additional processing, then with plywood cases will be a bit more complicated. For example, before painting the plywood a few times, the skins and primed. So the plywood kept the plaster - a material needed to upholster a grid. So the plywood is used only in the case if the subsequent cladding will be finished with tiles or mosaics. But the pros too. False fireplace made of plywood can be transferred from place to place if necessary.

The use of wood similar to plywood. But the covering is done from several separate boards, the material should be processed and dried, and after the fireplace, the wood will need treating with waterproofing compounds.

Aerated concrete - lightweight material from which it is also possible to create an imitation fireplace. Typically, blocks of aerated concrete produce very large, which complicates the creation of the fireplace.

Raised fireplace you can create from scraps of laminate or wooden floor. The strips are stacked on each other and fixed with the help of backup.

Old cardboard can also be used to create a false fireplace. You can use any cardboard box from under large equipment.

The first step in creating the design. The choice of shape depends on your personal preferences and the scale of the room. The inside of the fireplace can be issued by different accessories and decor. Decoration can be a flickering light that imitates the fire.

To design fireplace you can use stone, tile, textured paint and plaster and other materials. Beautify this fireplace you can even stucco. Since the fireplace is not real, materials can not be heat-resistant, which expands the range of instruments used.