Anyone not get a second chance to re-make a first impression. The interview is an important step towards employment, it is a rare chance to show their best side, to demonstrate not only knowledge and experience, but also to bribe stylish appearance. Before each competitor raises many important questions, and one of the most important is what to wear. On this subject you can find more than a dozen articles, but, nevertheless, it does not lose relevance. Every detail is important, so everything needs to be thoroughly planned to look before the employer in a favorable light.

Formal suit

Despite the development of fashion and a lot of new products, the way to the heart of the majority of employers is through an official style in clothes. Surveys were conducted, which revealed that a third of HR managers prefer to see the applicant business classic suit, while the sex of the applicant are not important. For men is a shirt, jacket and pants, and women pants or skirt with a blouse and closed shoes. In sandals and bright nails imposed ban is not an option for anyone who aims to look decent in the eyes of the employer. Bright beads, tattoos, piercings and bright makeup is also not conducive to building a career.

Immortal classic

And yet strict business suit for negotiations is not an impossible option. You can do without strict outfit if the clothing of the applicant will be the most restrained. It should not distract future colleagues from the working process and to encourage a desire to discuss it. For example, a good option for men will be dark trousers, shirt and jumper. However, instead of trousers are allowed to wear jeans. For women perfect understated dress with fitted silhouette.