Fashion does not shy away from the wedding feast. A definite bright colors fade into the background. Becoming more pastel tones, deep aristocratic shades, contrasting combinations. Not surprisingly, wedding fashion echoes the trends of the catwalks and fashion houses, so at the peak of popularity is also a rich, deep wine. Diversity also remains in the past, now everyone wants to minimalism and monochrome. So what color to choose for a wedding in 2016?

Juicy berries perfect for decor combined with natural shades, for example dark green. It is not necessary to overload the space because the color itself is luxurious enough to make light accents on accessories or jewelry that will bring refinement and elegance.

Explosive red suitable for extravagant brides. This color should be used with caution, but it is right emphases, effect work unsurpassed. For example, it is recommended to focus on the red lipstick and the bride's shoes to add brightness in the form of uniform ties for groomsmen, vases and flowers on the tables, too, can be a spectacular red color. Imagination has no boundaries, it is important not to overdo it. As a companion would suit a pale green or muted blue. By the way, if you want a more perky mood. This tone can set the orange color — is also popular this season.

For spring weddings should get accustomed to shade, called rose quartz. Now this color is firmly strengthening its position in the fashion field. Muted pink perfectly sets off the fresh complexion of the bride. The bridesmaids are an excellent look at dresses deep gray color. As a Supplement, you can choose gold jewelry. Such wedding get vintage style.

Another close color trendy color — fresh peach. This can be even the very dress of the bride. Goes well with fresh mint. Perfect for a romantic party in the fresh air.

These are the main trends for the coming year. But do not forget that this is only the main directions of further ideas for fancy candles.