Indications for use of therapeutic baths:

• diseases of the nervous system;

• cellulite;

• excess body weight;

• radiculitis, osteochondrosis;

• stress;

• post-traumatic pain of joints and limbs;

• constipation, colitis.

There are many varieties of baths.

Pine bath. Used to treat skin diseases, inflammation of the mammary glands, the fever. To prepare the bath water add pine extract and mix.

Salt bath

For this bath are dissolved sea or rock salt in water. Such baths relieve tension, reduce pores, increase skin elasticity. Salt bath has analgesic properties. Increases metabolism, thus reducing body mass.

Acetic bath Having medicinal properties, improves skin tone. To prepare the bath, add 9% vinegar in warm water.

Clay bath Helps to eliminate toxins from the body, increases skin turgor. It should take over 30 minutes.

Soda bath Tightens pores, helps with various skin diseases, fungal diseases.

The manganese bath is Used in inflammatory skin diseases, skin ulcers, with fungal skin disease. Preparation: in warm water to dissolve the manganese to pink color.

Alum bath Have anti-inflammatory properties. Used for the treatment of dermatological diseases, in which there is severe itching of the skin.

Herbal baths:

1) Soothing. Made from lime broth, Valerian root and Melissa. Used for stress, insomnia;

2) Toning. Make a decoction of wormwood and rosemary. These herbs have a tonic, bracing effect;

3) a bath of yarrow. Used to soothe and moisturize dry skin. The rules of taking bath: duration of the bath should be no more than 15-20 minutes; do Not accept the procedure after a meal; After a hot bath, take a cool shower, the water Temperature should not be above 36°C, avoid overstimulation, leading to insomnia; it is Strictly forbidden to take a hot bath in diseases of the heart, in order not to provoke an attack.