The significance of manganese to human body high:

  • influences the production of thyroxine by the thyroid gland;
  • exerts a reinforcing effect against insulin which is a hormone the pancreas, regulates carbohydrate metabolism and maintains blood sugar at a certain level;
  • needed for bone development, provides the processes of formation of bone structure;
  • the process of formation of fatty acids takes place with the participation of manganese, by which the lipid content is reduced, the absorption of fat in the body increases;
  • promotes development of body cholesterol, has a positive effect on the processes of deposition of glycogen in the liver;
  • positive effect on reproductive function, exerting a supporting effect on the hormones of female sexual sphere;
  • the effects on the immune system of manganese is due to the fact that he takes part in the formation of interferon;
  • is the enemy of education in the body of free radicals, fights against them.

Food is a source of manganese. The source of manganese in nature can serve cereals, beans, spinach, parsley and other plants with green leaves, potatoes, tomatoes, nuts. Contains manganese in tea leaves and coffee beans.

The lack of manganese. The following status can occur when excessive constant stress is psycho-emotional sphere, when there is increased loss of manganese. It is noted the relationship of manganese deficiency alcohol. Too much iron in the body can also lead to lack this element, because iron just increases the excretion of manganese. Thus observed:

  • fatigue, weakness, until the development of depressive States;
  • slowed growth of nails and hair;
  • dysfunction of the ovaries;
  • more likely to develop osteoporosis;
  • slows the development of children's organism;
  • may cause allergic reactions.

An excess of manganese. Acute manganese intoxication, possible mental disorders, the so-called "manganese madness". The excess of this element can be observed in the metabolism of manganese in the body, as well as welders for the production of inhalation of welding fumes containing manganese.