You will need
  • - blank invoice;
  • - handle;
  • print.
In a waybill TORG-12 specify the full name of the organization and all the details of the buyer of inventory, the full name of supplied values, the number, expressed in units, kilograms or litres.
Put the date of the document. In the corresponding line buyer must supply the date of receipt and his signature. Date of drawing up the invoice and date of receipt of goods from the warehouse must be identical.
On a waybill TORG-12 must be signed by the administrative persons, the chief accountant, the storekeeper, issuing the goods and the signature of the buyer, made and examined product. You also need to put a square seal at the top of the document with the name of your organization and bottom of the document an official stamp of your organization.
One instance of a waybill TORG-12 is the seller, the second buyer.
In compiling bill of lading, if you release the goods to the consignee, using the services of third-party transportation organization, enter the full name of your organization and address of the consignee. Specify the full name of the goods, check the quantity in units, kilograms or litres.
The signature on the document have put the head of the enterprise, the accountant and the storekeeper. Instead of the buyer an invoice signed by a representative of the transport company. The buyer of the goods must sign and date after receipt of inventory.
If the product gets notarized Trustee and signatory, you must specify the number of power of attorney and date of its issue.
All of the invoice data must match the completed invoice with the stated VAT amount. Organizations that accept the simplified taxation scheme and are exempt from paying tax on value added may not fill out item 13 and 15.