Advice 1: How to improve salon VAZ 2106

Serial production of VAZ 2106 began in 1976. "Six" has become one of the most beloved people in the cars. And no wonder, because she had the most powerful engine of all the Soviet small car was unpretentious and could easily be repaired by the motorists themselves. The owners "shesterok" often make the salon, using the latest materials. How to improve salon VAZ 2106?
How to improve salon VAZ 2106
You will need
  • - sound insulation materials;
  • - vinyl film;
  • - scale devices;
  • - material for interior.
Spend noise isolation of salon of the car VAZ 2106. "Sly", as they call this process the drivers will greatly improve consumer qualities of the car, providing a much more comfortable environment during the movement, not only for the driver but for passengers. Incidentally, along the way, solved the problem of heat insulation of the cabin of the "six", which is important since winter driving is in the same sweater much better than a fur coat and a fur cap. Moreover, the salon VAZ 2106 is very small.
Make noise only after remove the dashboard and pull the front seats out of the car. Use sound insulation materials proven brands, experiment with the thickness of the overlay panels. Have to work from underneath, re-covering it with Antikor. Note the bulkhead of the engine compartment, which will also need to be isolated. This will reduce the noise decibels from roaring at high revs of the motor vehicle.
Get rid of the shortcomings of the torpedo, improving the cooling system, which in normal mode works very badly. Sometimes, to save your money and nerves, motorists do easier. Rather than endlessly trying to improve the "native" torpedo, they set in salon VAZ 2106 more modern similar item from the car VAZ 2107. The torpedo from the "seven" design issues with blowout are already solved.
Replace your regular dashboard. In the automotive market present in large numbers of new and used panels. Some of them are homemade, while others represent an example adaptation dashboard of cars to the harsh reality of the domestic automobile industry. You can replace only some specific part of the panel, for example, dials. Initially set the scale to read in twilight is bad enough.
How to improve salon VAZ 2106
Enhance the look of torpedoes. There are plenty of tuning options, from flocking to expensive vinyl or leather. If you select, keep in mind the overall style of the salon. Experienced motorists say that the most practical coating is flock.
Panel the interior of the car again. It is best to use for this skin. This material is not cheap, but the most practical, besides looks solid. Impressions of the interior will only increase if you add also a leather braid on the steering wheel.
It is better not to return "home" the front seats back after "chumki". It is advisable to purchase a new seat with anatomical support.

Advice 2 : Machine "six" VAZ 2106 - tuning their own hands

VAZ 2106 – legendary child domestic automobile industry. Despite the fact that the release of this car have long been completed, "six" continue to sail the open roads and, of course, subjected to tuning, which if desired can always be done by hand.
If your car is a "six", tuning can be done indefinitely. In this car you can change and modify almost everything.

Tuning headlights "Angel eyes"

This simple tuning will make your "six" is similar to the BMW. All you will need: 4 of the hollow rod from the blinds, heat resistant sealant, 8 diodes, yellow 4 light bulbs, 4 resistance of 2 ohms, rounded tank with a diameter of Faro (glass bottle or tin can).

The bars to be bent around rounded capacity, then consolidate. Now put in preheated oven. Having warmed up, the bars will become plastic and will take a rounded shape, then they should pull out and allow to cool. Next, make holes under the diodes. The diodes, remove the "legs", leaving no more than 5 mm. Now heat a soldering iron and Saivite diodes parallel to each other, to the "legs" of solder wire. The wire leading to "plus", cut, departing about 15 cm, and check the resistance. In openings in the rings, carefully drip a colorless nail Polish, and install diodes. Approximately 40 minutes later, when the varnish is completely dry, using every inch make the incisions. Further, the ring with diodes installed inside the headlights so that the wires went to the special notch. Now treat the glass with a sealant and leave to dry. All, "Angel eyes" ready to plug in.

Tuning bumpers

Many motorists don't like "chesteron" of the bumper, so tuning VAZ 2106 often starts with replacing them. The easiest option is just to replace them with bumpers from the VAZ 2105. Keep in mind that in this case, attachment also need to be replaced. Bumper will look even better if you paint them in the color of the car. This tuning VAZ is also easy to do with your hands: thoroughly scuff the bumper cover primer and let dry. Then paint 2-3 layers and cover all of this on top of varnish. Online you can find ready-made customized plastic bumper, they can also be modified according to your taste.

Tuning grille

If you search well in the automotive market, you can find customized the grille and just to put it. If this option is for you is too simple, can upgrade the bars themselves. For this you need to remove the grille from the car and using a jigsaw to cut out the middle. Next, take some flexible material and go around the inner contour of the future grid. All excess cut off, apply the fiberglass with epoxy and allow to dry. To layer is smooth, the procedure must be repeated several times. After the final drying, separate fibre composite material and apply the putty, then cover with primer and paint – grille finish.

In addition to external tuning VAZ 2106 can be upgraded suspension, engine, carburetor, dashboard, interior and more. If you have the desire and free time of the standard VAZ classics you can make a truly exclusive car which can be proud not less, than expensive foreign car.
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