Of the accessories it's very fashionable to have in your kit a velvet elastic band. With the help of her 90s hair was done palmochka fixed, the maximum, as many as five rubber bands. Palmochki in fashion has not returned, but one elastic, moderately large size, with no sequins on the tail or beam completely.

The list of accessories continues chokers: that they triumphed in all variations. However, to pick up the choker is with the mind, as it must not consume the entire length of the neck, it's ugly. Otherwise, fashionistas are given complete freedom, minus the ordinary rules of choosing jewelry.

Styling also returned and barrettes: large, shiny, with figures or without. Keep the hair pins have ceased to be children's fashion, they will again adorn fashionistas, in all colors and sizes.

Of the twenty of the abyss is back, and bigger things, for example, cropped flared jeans, revealing the ankle. Now they are again flooded the shops. Jeans-bottoms joined and denim jackets, however, the trend is not glamorous and oblica and distressing, and old age.

With them came patches: jeans, denim vests, black leather jackets and leather jackets. All this is now in fashion again.

From hats came back takes, but despite the trend, it should be remembered that taking has never been this simple headdress to wear. For examples of correct combinations berenyi better to turn to the cinema, for example, to "the Dreamers" with Eva green.

T-shirts again began to appear in print with the "Titanic", fashionable in the 90s. But those who don't want to overdo it with the romance, it is better to stay away from him.

A year ago in fashion again returned shoes mules. They will look good without a heel and pointy toe, especially if you never had experience in combining them with other clothes. As already mentioned, toe shoes are in trend again, but it is important to remember that sharpness should be in moderation, then these shoes will lengthen legs and thin figure.