In the first case, people can not give up food and consume it in excessive quantities, but then to be freed, causing retching and so on a vicious circle. Of course, such behavior is caused by mental disorders. As for the second case of anorexia, there is a conscious rejection of food. The causes of the disease may be different: stress, dissatisfaction with their appearance, depression and so on.

Bulimia often occurs in girls and women who badly want to lose weight. Because thinness, in our days is positioned as a synonym for happy and carefree life. But when girls do not achieve the desired result, they suffer failure, which is seized. Getting pleasure from eating, is replaced by a condemning attitude. To get rid of stomach contents, using all possible means: mechanical vomiting, induce vomiting by using drugs. The reason for this behavior is simple: the desire to eat much stronger than the desire to throw extra pounds.

Symptoms of bulimia:

- eating excessive quantities of products;

- rupture of capillaries of blood vessels in the eyes;

- bad teeth and erosion of enamel from stomach acid caused by vomiting;

- dryness of the skin;

- violation of the cycle;

- General weakness and fatigue;

- alcohol abuse.

The treatment of this disease may not be made independently. Required qualified consultation of specialists – psychiatrist, psychologist, nutritionist. The psychiatrist will choose the appropriate medication and the psychologist will help you to see yourself and the surrounding world in new ways. With regard to the work of a nutritionist, it will be directed on correction and stabilization of the patient's weight. But do not forget that a key element in this rehabilitation system is the support of family and friends.

The prognosis of this disease is very difficult to formulate since each case is unique in nature. It should be noted the fact that in advanced disease of this nature, the strongest developing psychosis, which can lead to irreversible depression, suicide and the death of the patient.